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Chakra-X's News

Posted by Chakra-X - May 29th, 2015

Hey Newgrounds! I have been hyper-busy this past year, but unfortunately that "busy" did not include submitting a whole ton of animated videos.

Almost 10 years later, I recognize that Nazo Unleash was/is my "claim to fame" on the internet and out-performs all my newer content to this day. I never wanted to to conitnue it because of school and work, but now things have begun to settle down for the best. So in recognition of that success and my super supportive and loyal fans, I am testing the idea of making a Nazo Unleashed sequel. I say "testing" because the way I want to do it would require a LOT of work and I have a LOT less time than I did in high school. If I decide to start a Kickstater, that would make this happen.

Here is a video explaining the idea.


Also, I am conducting a survey to see if enough people are interested to back a kickstarter for a 15-minute ish Nazo sequel. Feel free to fill that out here!


Again, nothing is set in stone and I do not want to assume that Nazo is relevant enough to deserve a kickstarter, but hey I'm gonna try!


Posted by Chakra-X - May 8th, 2012

For the past two semester I have been killing myself juggling my senior animation final with other coursework and a job, but it is finally done and I am very proud and happy with it. I definitely went back to my Nazo Unleashed route with this one, not going to lie. And just in time to use Newground's video feature! I used Toon Boom and After Effects mostly, so I really do need the video format, instead of a hugely compressed .swf :/

Also, my talented buddy Sean Glaze, creator of Fisthead, finished a hilariously zany, very well made animation called MegaPope. Take a cyborg pope, give him Jesus's brain and you have MegaPope haha

Stay tuned for both of these awesome animations!

Posted by Chakra-X - August 8th, 2011

Good day!

I am heading in to my senior year of the University of the Arts and I am preparing the beginnings of my senior thesis animation. It'll be a ~5 minute action, fighting theme cartoon, with emphasis of high-energy, stylish fight scenes.

I have gone over possible scenes in head many times and I find myself listening to tracks from the Guilty Gear and BlazBlu video game series. Example:

Guilty Gear

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJcXNDk -5F8


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGsgDoF p6AM

I also want to try something unique and throw a dash of 90s dance music to the mix.

I really like it when the music compliments the blows and impacts of fight scenes, as well as having defining character themes. There are two protagonists, one being an unarmed 20 something fighter dude with powers based on the sun and the other being a twin sword wielding young woman based off the moon. The antagonist is a burly, black-hole based 30 something power freak. I like to be cheezy, so each character will have a short intro/fight theme.

I also plan to submit it to festivals, so I want as much exposure as possible.

I am rather picky though. If you think you have a good grasp of this style or KNOW an artist on this website or wherever who enjoys a style like this, feel free to let me know. Now I'm also a college student and will not be producing this for profit form the getgo, so I am not prepared to be spending money every direction to find the right talent, but if I go with your style and it really gives me goosebumps when played with the animation, I can most certainly consider a small form of compensation.

Posted by Chakra-X - June 4th, 2011

I posted last month about an animation my friend for college called "FISTHEAD". Well now he posted it on Newgrounds, so check it out, leave a a review, and vote 5!


And YES this is the SAME PERSON as the guy who made this:

Posted by Chakra-X - May 14th, 2011

Yo Newgrounds, I just finished my junior year at the University of the Arts and my friend Sean Glaze made this masterpiece. Perhaps Newgrounds will be a place he submits it too but for now behold the grandness.

As for myself, Newgrounds will soon be receiving my junior piece, "The Hood-ass Tales of Captain Ig'nant"

Posted by Chakra-X - September 30th, 2010


ToonBoom Animate 2 is a flash-like animation program that Adam Phillips uses on his non-newgrounds stuff as well as professional animation companies like Disney and Fox (Simpsons).

http://toonboombastic.blogspot.com/200 9/02/brush-strokes-flash-vs-toonboom.h tml

http://toonboombastic.blogspot.com/sea rch/label/symbols

Posted by Chakra-X - January 16th, 2010


Great thanks to Shard-Spider and MysticShinhaku for the fantastic voices. I am sorry to say I could not finish Jesus's awesome gunkata scene with Osama, so the majority of Mystic's lines have gone unused :(. I may add in an animatic at the end to show the viewers, and Mystic, what it would have looked/sounded like.

You can tell where I had to hurry up (SANTA IS MOUTHLESS). I actually preferred my original Christmas-based story, but since I was working, the VAs were busy, and I had only gotten done school work the week before Christmas, there was no way I could have finished before the 25th, which Tom recommended for Christmas-themed flashes. So I decided to aim for the January 15th deadline with a technically non-christmas theme story, about what Santa does when it's NOT Christmas.

I originally had him shirtless and buff, and was going to take out three guards with an smg, bullet time style. Oh why must slow-motion with 2D be so....inconvenient. But I am happy the way it came out. I am sorry I could not get the Jesus scene in, but watch it and tell me what you think!

Damn animation classes...Back in the Nazo Unleashed days, all I knew was flapping mouths, now I am annoyed if I don't have accurate lip movements and minor actions that give the character personality (the cigar twirling and grunting of the boss terrorist).

Posted by Chakra-X - December 8th, 2009

I get a lot...A LOT..of requests on how to use flash, how to animate, how to make a cartoon etc. Why they are asking me when there are oodles of better animators on this site is beyond me, but for now on, I'll send them to this golden resource of flash animation. Check it out (no it's not goatse).


In other happenings, I will be working on a submission for the the Winter Flash Off. Last submission I made for fun was the SF collab, and that was almost a year ago, so even though I will be using more limited animation due to time constraints, I want to see how better I got after a semester of art school.

A lip sync exercise I did a month or so ago. The beginning is a little awkward.

/* */
The game Gundam versus Gundam is awesome.

/* */
Final Fantasy: Dissidia is awesome for many reasons....BUT IT HAS A REPLAY EDITOOOOR

/* */

Posted by Chakra-X - October 11th, 2009


"Oh hey, that movie was pretty good, I'll give it a 3...WTF IT HAS A 4.46 SCORE, ZEROOOO! That way, it'll be closer to what I think is best. That'll show em :)"

I am guilty of this too, but usually I find myself giving 5s to movies that deserve a higher rating :/. I mean, you don't see movie critics looking at a metacritic score of 97% and giving it a shit review just to lower the average rating to what THEY think is good. It's suppose to be an AVERAGE of what people naturally think, so by voting 0 (or 5) when you actually want to give it a 3 or something defeats the purpose. So a bunch of fanboys want to 5 a movie that has their favorite character/author in it...That's the majority for you. Deal with it and stop trying to cheat it.

Speaking of fanboys...

"lol this was hilarious" TEN


"Shadow should have won >:(" ZERO

Would it hurt to at least tell WHY you like it? or a (real) reason to how it should be improved? This is not YouTube. I tend to write at least a paragraph, but a simple"I really enjoyed this. While the animation could be a bit more believable, the story and action kept me watching the entire time. Keep at it" is just fine.

This is why they did not want NGers voting...SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

So to completely throw my dignity away, I recently collected all the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Chakra-x

I got these from here:

http://www.incrediblegifts.com/crgldis hpa.html

You People Suck at Reviewing/Voting

Posted by Chakra-X - July 25th, 2009

So yeah.. Definitely old news to those who have been following, but have you hear about the


Well kind of.

It's called Brawl+. It's essentially everything new in Brawl, but with Melee styled combat, i.e, faster. More gravity, easier to combo and TWEAKED CHARACTERS. Meaning characters that generally sucked (and also the good ones) are slightly tweaked to make them more fun to play (this ranges from Sonic getting up faster after is down air attack to Pikachu spinning a lot faster for his down smash). They are subtle changes that do not overpower the characters, but you may notice that they are more useful.

When I first heard about this, I though "bah, these melee-lovers are so desperate" but oh I was wrong. I like Brawl over Melee, even without "Brawl+", but these tweaks and additions make it a lot more intense if you ask me. There are still some glitches being worked out, but it's actually being use in tournaments.

Now how do you get this? It is ***EASY***. All the physical items you need are

-A Wii...obviously
-an SD card
-a PC with an SD card reader (or you can put your SD card in a camera and connect the camera to the computer so you can access the card)

Follow these SAFE steps to get the 'Homebrew Channel'

How to Install Brawl+

Brawl+ FAQ

Want to add other codes? Want to customize the Brawl+codes
Invidual Brawl+ Codes
(copy that list in to a text file and open it with the codemanager)

After you install homebrew, follow the directions on the Brawl Plus site and you'll be good.Gecko OS with Code Maanger (incase you did not get it yet during the Brawl+ tutorial I linked you to)

Wii Codes

Remember, you need the Gecko OS for the codes to activate, and make sure they are in the correct directory. I won't be answering questions regarding the steps because they are VERY THOROUGH IN THE LINKS.

With that channel enabled, you can download a lot of things, but for me , you can use CODES on your Wii games. That's what makes Brawl+ work. You can also get things like unrestricted camera and replays longer than 3 minutes.

Oh, and TEXTURE SWAPS! Slightly more complicated, but still very simple.

Texture Replacing Guide

And if you are interested, scroll down this link for Perfect Nazo and 'Super' Sonic textures
His eyes aren't correct, but it's still awesome.

Oh..and I guess, going outside is cool too?

SSB: Brawl+/ Nazo Unleashed Fight!