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Amibitious, PASSION DRIVEN, one of th piece I was most hype for as a fellow "fuck you I am doing a fight scene".

I like that you were bold enough to go for scenes/actions on the Z axis and moving them through space, I rarely did that in Eclipse Force, shit's HARD especially with how we design our characters. I know there are things you would improve on, tweak, and polish if you had time. That's the price to pay when we both are assholes and just say NUH UH IM DOING IT ANYWAY.

If you ever go back to a Del short (AND I HOPE YOU DO), suggestions that I would take (suggestion I need for myself too) are work on anatomy/poses, and letting us know who the bad guy is and why is is so badass (I KNOW I AM GUILTY OF THAT LAST ONE BIG TIMEEEEE). Also, you know when you have someone do like a big punch to the face or something? Instead of having that punch animation just end when it hits the face, show a few frames of that punch stretching the fuck out of whatever body part it's hitting, then a few frame that settle down in to a non-stretched version, makes it more impactful!


Kofdizz responds:

Thanks, bro! I appreciate it! Eclipse Force 2, please!

Your Guard Scream

Is still my favorite sound clip, after "eat feet" and "like my new necklace". Your characterization, a long with your voice actor, gave the Pinata so much personality I am almost sad to see him go. Almost. Obviously really well animated and your timing adds to the funnies just as much as your lines.

And you bastard you got to do a transformation before me. I am sure you making fists appear all over his body was Fisthead's version of a Super Saiyan.

Enjoyable, but Missed the Sweet Spot

First let me say off I never felt like I was entitled for something during the 4 years you were working on this. You worked on it when you could little by little, I don't understand why that is so hard to understand. Maybe these complaints are coming from people that don't have to worry about working/going to school/doing things besides animating?

I will say that I was astonished by the trailer. It was before I was done the 3rd part of Nazo Unleashed and I was like "wow this is so much better than mine". That was 4 years ago, so Newgrounds' standards of "great" animation has increased and people have matured (imagine the difference of opinion of someone who was 14 and who is now 18). As of now the score is 4.04, which I am actually surprised by how low it is. Had this been released in 2006 or so, you'd be in the top 50.

The animation quality itself. A HUGE jump in quality between Act 1 and Act 3, but you improved as you went on so it's understandable. You used a lot of frame by frame which I can respect. It really shined on Sonic's battle on the egg carrier. The missiles were done well and The Chaos 0 water was also nice. You should take more consideration in to 'anticipation' poses. Like when Knuckles threw the asteroid, unless that was a comical choice, seeing him wind up the throw would have had a better impact. Remember that any movement you do to go forward requires you to go backward first, so jumping out the way of an attack requires the character to crouch so he can spring his legs to avoid the danger. It was a shame to see a nicely animated scene when Sonic drops on to the Egg Carrier, but when Super Shadow shows up, Sonic stands perfectly still and injured, and only his arm moves to back hand Shadow away. Again, It would have looked much better to have him wind up.

You also tried moving character in perspective, which I applaud you for, but I spotted many distorted perspective drawings (the dock not aligning with the horizon was one but again it was Act 1). When Super Sonic fell off the ship (can't he fly by the way, why worry about falling :P) looked a bit odd, and it looked like you had trouble staying on model. The character proportions changed a lot. Much moreso in in Act 1, but Knuckles head size/quill length was not consistent

Story? People these days seem to LOVE THEMSELVES SOME STORY. This could have been done without a story and been fine that way, however, you did imply a story, as if Sonic failed, Shadow ,Chaos 0, and Eggman would destroy the world. A triple pair up like that definitely warrants some explanation, but it was entertaining to watch unfold. A shame Tails could not have done more. You took the time to model the Tornado 2, I would have loved to see it attack the Egg Carrier Sonic Adventure style! You could have did without the cringe-worthy anime stereotypes such as shots when we see one eye open/close (I am guilty of this myself!) or seeing Knuckles in a cloak, which actually seemed more like a Full Metal Alchemist power than super strength.

However, my biggest issue with this animation is the pacing. You chose to have it musically driven and not use sfx or voices, which is fine, but the music only matched the Act 1 somewhat. All the other scenes seemed to be action with music thrown in. I love Guilty Gear music but by Act 2 it felt very out of place. Chaotic Battle worked very well with the GG music because the music complimented the action. For instance, you used the awesome track "meet again", but when the shot gets to the missiles firing, the music is still very slow. Action cartoons combine good choreography, camera work, timing, and sound to get that "oomf". The thing is, your *trailer* was synced very well in terms of action and music, with audible cues connecting the actions on screen. Seeing Hyper Sonic punch shadow had minimal impact without a beat/sound effect to back up the punch. I'd go as far to say that you should add some slower scenes for pacing and coherence add sound effects, that's just me.

Running out of character space! At least you are finally done! congrats

BritishGolgo13 responds:

Good to hear from you, man! Thanks for the well-thought and well-written review. I really do appreciate you taking the time to crit my work and cite specific instances of what could be improved upon. Though I think the #1 thing to work on is not I agree with just about everything you've said and I'm glad you understand why some things turned out as they did.

Half of the movie was done prior to art school (Act 1 and some of 2) while the rest had the knowledge and techniques applied such as antics/anticipation and follow through.

Thanks for understanding and the respect given is much appreciated.

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Fantastic and Attention Grabbing

Usually I do not play games on Newgrounds, just watch the movies, so I don't have to fiddle with controls, mechanics, etc to see the end of something.

But I saw this first on Tom Fulp's BBS post and thought "Huh? A detective game by the Super Flash Bros.? Maybe I should check this out". After playing "Indigo Prophecy"/"Farienheight" for the PS2 (seriously, a great game that could inspire you guys with future games like these. It's for the PC as well) , these mystery games revolving around a murder intrigue me.

Each character had a personality, each (except the janitor imo) had a reason to kill the guy and felt suspicious. The art was *incredible*, I had a hard time believing you made it in flash and not Photoshop. The little addition to mini games was fun too.

Things to improve on? The little girl at the beginning felt like she would have more to do, and was a little creepy. Ashame she kind of disappeared. It would be great to see some more emotion from the criminal at the end. Make him say why he did it instead of a questinair, making the viewer think "I can't believe this scum. He deserves this.". And personally, I would love it if you added more creepiness to it. The creepiest part was when I found the murder weapon. To have the viewer feel cautious to go somewhere/talk to someone because of the unknown would work great in this kind of game.

Overall, great and unique flash game. Extremely detailed backgrounds, interesting characters and plot, and a non tedious and fun way to play the game. Great job and will be looking forward to a slightly scarier sequel.

Damn right I know my sonic facts

a Great quiz for the Sonic fans out there. As for Sonic''s age, though it said 15 in sonic X, sonic X is unofficial. But in the Sonic Heroes manual, they made Sonic's age 15 for some reason. Good bonus prize, I miss the old sonic shows sometimes

This aint actually stolen

The MArine thing and this Super Tutorial 1.0 (Advanced Tutorial) and they were both made by Khiriath14, which i assume is yuo for some reason...but y change accounts? unless this is actually stolen...anyway this is another good way for new peple to start using flash, but I think there is enough of them. Id like to see action script tutorials in the future.

khiriath responds:

Yes, Khiriath14 is me. I found out my password, but I'd rather have this account. I'm gonna email Wade and see if he can just delete that account.

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Short and Sweet

I was looking for simple background music to go along to a storybook-styled animation, and this fits the role. But it's got a nice to beat to it while sounding lighthearted. I like it so much that I am disappointed there isn't more to it. I could definitely see this as a beat to a modern R&B/Hip-Hop song. If I stick with this as the background music, I will most definitely credit you. Well done!

vai90 responds:

Hmm, I personally don't think it would suit an R&B/Hip-Hop song, uhm...but yea, I could've expanded it, I certainly agree there, but I was in a mood for a loop.^^

Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you'll use it. :)

i have no idea wha tosome of those words mean...

the thing s we have to review this...what do they mean?! neway, i liked this msuic, theperfectbackround music for a fast paced anime scene!

TheComet responds:

Hmmmm...we can now respond to audio reviews...woot, all my yelling at tom and wade about the AP worked! :)
Anyways, this may work in an anime scene, although I made it south park style :P

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Your sharp, exaggerated style is awesome. The tattoos, glowing eyes, the pose, and the way you placed the cape make him look awesome...Granted he's *supposed* to be am embarrassing, despised character haha but this I'll make an exception. Really flattered that you would a do a piece like this of my character, so thank you!

I love your humor

I so wish you animated this. The only thing I would suggest is I wish you made the last panel really big and detailed just to go over the top with his sadness since all the other panels are neatly ordered.

The "X" makes it sound cool

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