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I'd love to play brawl+ but its incompatible with american systems online. sucks ass really

Brawl +.
I already heard about too much, but I've never tried it once.
I'm using Ocarina codes just for the lulz though. XD

Oh and "bah, these melee-lovers are so desperate"
I guess, it includes me too. XD

No way! There's a Perfect Nazo texture?! Awesome!

Hmm i just got a question, is this 100% secure that your Wii won´t get fucked up in the system and be unusable anymore?

Yes. If the "Bannerbomb" freezes your Wii, you just need to try a different file. You can reset the Wii if it freezes and it will work fine.

To add onto the question of the guy above me. Is it easy to remove this addon and return the game to its original state with save data intact in case the mod isn't wanted anymore or is faulty?

Absolutely. To not use the codes, just start brawl normally. To use them, open the homebrew channel and start the game through Gecko OS.

Think of it as a digital gamesharl/action replay. You put it in when you want it or start the game normally when you don't/

Bad thing is (aside from wii menu 4.1) is that I read the hack will eventually slow down the disc motot to the point (over time) where it stops. I'd love to do this but way too skeptical of getting homebrew. But still loved the Nazo episodes.

Brawl+? i dont have hacks

Oh i get it so if u smoke alot of pot, u can eat soap then fly home in a bubble!
if i8 had like super sped and shit id be grabbing so much titties and shit!
Jay and Silent Bob

Hey chakra are you gonna make a nazo unleashed 4 ? if you do

i like ssbb too but i always wondered is there a silver
the hedgehog trophy.

holy sh*t! that image looks incredible! i was just going to say something about your nazo unleashed part 3 flash but this goes beyond everything of brawl i've ever seen! i was going to say i could swear i saw mario and luigi in nazo unleashed part 3 where everyone was holding a ring for hyper shadic

Unreal. This is awesome, I'm gonna send this to my email so that me and my friend can get all of these add ons. BTW, that red Sonic looks tight. Thank you X Chakra!

Dear x, u found nazo can u help me see if there is a video of nazo in gameplay of SA2

He is not in any video game. People have hacked Sonic Adventure DX for PC to include him, but that's it.

erm i do not understand this
"input buffer (read: input sensitivity) is defaulted to the most precise setting, or 0 frames of buffer. To adjust your personal buffer setting, adjust your handicap value from 0 to 100%, where 100% is 100% of classic brawl buffer, or 10 frames."
how do i change it because i have not idea how to adjust the personal buffer setting

It had to do with the handicap setting in Brawl. Instead of actually giving a handicap, the percentages now change the button input window. I believe for every "10%", you have a "1 frame" window. So 60% is 6 frame, 100% is 10 frames (brawl's original window).

Just open up/turn on the Handicap setting on the brawl settings (where you can change your stock/time amount, item switch, etc.)

And yes, it should work in the UK.

o and does this only work for us wiis because mine is uk

i can't wait to see this fight! it's gonna look awesome! i can see it now "ssbb ultimate fight!" this is going to be one of the best things i've ever seen!

omg. how you do that. good pic

Going outside is cool too,but you're definitely not helping on that front :P
Well thanks nonetheless,yay Nazo <3


dude! that pic of perfect nazo and super sonic! that pic is epic!!!! i know the perfect nazo is a hack/recolor

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