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"Eclipse Force" and "MEGAPOPE!" Coming to Newgrounds Soon!

Posted by Chakra-X - May 8th, 2012

For the past two semester I have been killing myself juggling my senior animation final with other coursework and a job, but it is finally done and I am very proud and happy with it. I definitely went back to my Nazo Unleashed route with this one, not going to lie. And just in time to use Newground's video feature! I used Toon Boom and After Effects mostly, so I really do need the video format, instead of a hugely compressed .swf :/

Also, my talented buddy Sean Glaze, creator of Fisthead, finished a hilariously zany, very well made animation called MegaPope. Take a cyborg pope, give him Jesus's brain and you have MegaPope haha

Stay tuned for both of these awesome animations!

"Eclipse Force" and "MEGAPOPE!" Coming to Newgrounds Soon!


haha megapope, I saw that awhile ago. looking good man.

did you have lowell boston as a teacher? hes mentioned you before.

I did actually! He is/was my senior thesis teacher. Do you currently go to Uarts stranger? And when did he mention me?

er the trailer I meant

Hey this animations pretty great!!

The guy who digests matter and metabolizes it as projected concussive force is a sweet concept. Your awful anime story was terrible but whatev, it was good anyway.

Megapope is fucking insane.

Thanks! I wish I could have set up the villain's origin more, but whatever I love cheesy

haha nice work man, that was alot of fun.

Thanks MC!

i go to philau, he is the senior theis teacher there as well. people were watching fisthead and your video came up eventually then he talked about your work a bit lol.

2 words amazing job man love it....but chen you turn this in to a seris ....whit episod 1 beeing this and continuea whit 5 more episods and kep up whit sezon 2 ?

how about it ?

That's a wonderful news, Chakra-X! I wish I could see it.

I saw your Eclipse Force movie, and I was really amazed by it. It kinda felt a little like DBZ and it had a feel to it, mostly the sound effects, and the blasts. Really, really impressive and one of the best movies Iv'e seen from you Chakra-X!

Yo Aaron, it's Ian! Excellent film, same goes to Sean.


Can't wait.

Of course the white guy is the evil one.

Hey Chakra how you thought of "Eclipse Force"?

i've been working on a sun-bsaed character for YEARS, and naturally I had to give him a Moon-bsaed female partner. I love stylized, destructive hand-to-hand fighting and super powers, and butts, so I put them all in to one movie :]

Hey Chakra,

remember me if you ever need any voices, you know where to find me.

So X when will you put Sol and Luna in a 3D film/animation? The models look great!

Thank you! Probably a whiiiile from now, if ever haha, I definitely want to hone my 2D skills first, even though I enjoy 3D