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"Eclipse Force" and "MEGAPOPE!" Coming to Newgrounds Soon!

Posted by Chakra-X - May 8th, 2012

For the past two semester I have been killing myself juggling my senior animation final with other coursework and a job, but it is finally done and I am very proud and happy with it. I definitely went back to my Nazo Unleashed route with this one, not going to lie. And just in time to use Newground's video feature! I used Toon Boom and After Effects mostly, so I really do need the video format, instead of a hugely compressed .swf :/

Also, my talented buddy Sean Glaze, creator of Fisthead, finished a hilariously zany, very well made animation called MegaPope. Take a cyborg pope, give him Jesus's brain and you have MegaPope haha

Stay tuned for both of these awesome animations!

"Eclipse Force" and "MEGAPOPE!" Coming to Newgrounds Soon!

Comments (15)

haha megapope, I saw that awhile ago. looking good man.

did you have lowell boston as a teacher? hes mentioned you before.

I did actually! He is/was my senior thesis teacher. Do you currently go to Uarts stranger? And when did he mention me?

er the trailer I meant

Hey this animations pretty great!!

The guy who digests matter and metabolizes it as projected concussive force is a sweet concept. Your awful anime story was terrible but whatev, it was good anyway.

Megapope is fucking insane.

Thanks! I wish I could have set up the villain's origin more, but whatever I love cheesy

haha nice work man, that was alot of fun.

Thanks MC!

i go to philau, he is the senior theis teacher there as well. people were watching fisthead and your video came up eventually then he talked about your work a bit lol.

2 words amazing job man love it....but chen you turn this in to a seris ....whit episod 1 beeing this and continuea whit 5 more episods and kep up whit sezon 2 ?

how about it ?

That's a wonderful news, Chakra-X! I wish I could see it.

I saw your Eclipse Force movie, and I was really amazed by it. It kinda felt a little like DBZ and it had a feel to it, mostly the sound effects, and the blasts. Really, really impressive and one of the best movies Iv'e seen from you Chakra-X!

Yo Aaron, it's Ian! Excellent film, same goes to Sean.


Can't wait.

Of course the white guy is the evil one.

Hey Chakra how you thought of "Eclipse Force"?

i've been working on a sun-bsaed character for YEARS, and naturally I had to give him a Moon-bsaed female partner. I love stylized, destructive hand-to-hand fighting and super powers, and butts, so I put them all in to one movie :]

Hey Chakra,

remember me if you ever need any voices, you know where to find me.

So X when will you put Sol and Luna in a 3D film/animation? The models look great!

Thank you! Probably a whiiiile from now, if ever haha, I definitely want to hone my 2D skills first, even though I enjoy 3D

So will ya design some villains of your new animation....?Cause I'm good at designs...but-Nvm