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Semi-Release Date for Part 3

2007-08-02 02:45:58 by Chakra-X

Ok, I am literally in the middle of the final show down. Not the FIGHT. I'm done that. The showdown. Maybe in a week or 2 it will be DONE. However, I made a mistake last year by submitting near Clock Day, which floods the Portal with flashes, a lot of which are good. So to avoid the traffic, I plan to release Part 3 sometime AFTER August 15th 2007. This gives me time to make a nice menu, preloader, and polish it a bit. Then my WHOLE summer wouldn't be flash :(.

Now, some nice information for those who have been patient.

-Shadic IS in the movie. "Chaos Unification", I'm calling it.
-He is NOT over powered this time around.
-Nazo actually has a motive for destroying the earth, besides "just cuz he's evil!!"
-A "Hyper" form of the Light Speed attack appears
-More DBZ influences :P
-Shadic's new "Chaos Wind" makes a little appearance
-Tails and Knuckles will make frequent appearances in part 3.
-Shadow gets PISSED. Dare I say, more pissed than Dark Super Sonic? You be the judge :X
-Angel Island has been graphically redesigned
-Some new photoshop auras have been included.

Just a liiiiiittle bit longer!

Bigass thanks to Newgrounds for this sexy revamp of Newgrounds. Yall never stop trying to improve :D!

Now...This blog is very helpful to yall that keep up with my movies. "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed" is still scheduled for a Summer release. Chance are, around August, depending how much frames must be drawn for the final scene. Right now, I have to finish this combo of Nazo's, and then there will be less strenous drawing until the last final battle. It's so freaking close, that I'm starting to get impatient.

Regarding the red Hedgehog, that his "Perfect Nazo". Originally, I had it as "Chaos Nazo", but "Perfect" makes much more sense after seeing the effects of the chaos emeralds with "Perfect Chaos"