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Chakra-X's News

Posted by Chakra-X - June 20th, 2009

So I live in the Philly area and I heard Newgrounds was going to be at Wizards World Philadelphia. Never been to a comic con, but I would get the meet the NG staff and other animators, so I thought why not.

I must have came twice. At once.

Of course I had to be like every other fan and get my personal video of Egoraptor and JohnnyUtah doin their signature voices.

/* */
I got to talk about Egoraptor about his work and future projects and I talked with JohnnyUtah for awhile about the site, collab, and animation techniques. What was extremely awesome, and surprising, was hearing Ego say "YOUR Chakra-X?!" and tell me he loved my Street Fighter part. He then called Johnny over and introduced me and he knew me, and eventually introduced me to Stamper who also said he enjoyed my entry. I'll hop off my own dick in a second, don't worry, it was just very surreal feeling seeing these people in person and then tell me they know me. Egoraptor is just as goofy and laid back as I'd pictured him (LOLZ HIS NAME IS ARIN AND MY NAME IS AARON). Stamper and Johnny were really cool. They could pass off as slightly irritable online when I see them deal with the teeming masses, but they were very approachable.

Now I was the most starstruck with Tom, because he's a mothafuckin' boss. He was definitely approachable, very chill, and you can tell he a little more held back than the others. But he was genuine, answering my questions in a casual way and surprised me when he remembered my Nazo Unleashed series.

BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I would not pay $35 for a picture with Lou Firigno. I don't even think I spelled it right. I went up to the actress who played the female terminator in Terminator 3 and asked the security guy if I could get a picture OF her. He said $20. I clarified, saying I wanted a picture OF her, not WITH her. $20. I thought fuck it. Another guy who acted in Spider-Man charged $10 for a pic with him, but the security guy said the convention makes them charge for pictures. And yet, my brother got a picture with Tom Savini and only payed for an autographed picture.

There was a fan signing sheet, where artists signed their name and drew there own little cartoons. It was awkward because I do not have an original style that they would reflect my Newgrounds submissions...And no way would I draw Sonic. I need to get this original animation made asap!

But yeah all of the guys are even more awesome in person. I wish I could have stayed longer to meet the other artists and staff, but I would have been late to my job. If you have never met the staff and live near Philly, I highly suggest catching them.

Wizard World Philadelphia and Sucking Newgrounds' dicks

Posted by Chakra-X - June 9th, 2009


Hello passerby! I would like to tell you something. I'll be blunt. You see I, among thousands of other preteens at the time, only started coming to this site around 2002 for the video game parodies. I wasn't your angsty "hate-the-mainstream-everything-for-mi splaced-reasons" teenager, so killing celebrities didn't mean much. If I wanted original cartoons, I would watch Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, instead of sifting through a (potentially) new idea being shot out everyday. It felt like a chore to sit down and warm up to a new character short after short, with no guarantee of quality.

But the video game parody. Oh my 12 year old self was astonished. Video game graphics being manipulated by the will of others?! AWESOME. I did not have to tolerate with crappy Sonic drawings, I could watch the same sprite from my game do silly/cool stuff on Newgrounds.

Mario's in it you say? I know the character, +1. I know what he can do, +1. I know the context, +1. I know I like him, +3. All of these instant points are gained just my the mere mention of that homicidal plumber. This made watching VG parodies more enticing and convenient. But wait! If it's an author trying to make his own stories for the first time, or perhaps someone I have not known yet, he does not get all of these points! Say whaaaaat?! More on that later!

So I start animating with sprites because it looked awesome (wish SWISH 2.0 bitch). I eventually received a 4x5 'bronze' Wacom graphire2 drawing tablet and began animating by hand (and with flash) this time. I was still doing video game parodies (shoot, the majority of my stuff ***submitted** is mostly unoriginal characters/styles).

But I have had a much larger original series being previsualized. Hopefully it will manifest in some form this summer.

BUT ANYWAY. Yes. I owe Newgrounds and its video game parodies for that is why I am in college for animation. And no this was not a bullshit "animayshun is kewl lol" attempt at a random college. I want to pursue it. Hell I put Nazo Unleashed in my college portfolio and got accepted in to RISD (not attending though). I owe of all of this to Newgrounds and Sonic video game parodies. 'Le GASP!

But times have changed...Why you ask?...If you asked?

1. Talent increase
2. More original authors

Believe it or not cynics, there are actually less video game parodies. or at least those reaching the spotlight. Sprite movies are not nearly as popular people began drawing their own toons. People also started getting better. Stuff that would get first place for the month 5 years ago could easily be a green-score or a no-color today. And while there are more original authors, one thing has not changed...

The hordes...HORDES. Of fan boys, 13 year olds, and followers.

They possess the demented power to skyrocketed a movie from "okay-good" to 4.50+ in a single day. Leaving a simple "10" review with the statement "lol this kicked ass. Keep it up" and then having the next couple of hundred do the same, the cycle is no stranger to us. To be honest, just look at my Nazo Unleashed part 3. I am dead proud of that trilogy and no offense to my fans but...It's true isn't it? The movie can have lame humor, uninspired fight scenes, or sub-par graphics, but slap a "Zelda" on there and watch out! But nothing wrong right? It's only Newgrounds. They will get their 15 minutes of fame. No biggie.


Yes, Newgrounds thoughtfully decided to reward the best submissions every month with CASH MONEY (well technically a check). Hatred and resentment grew over the fact that a mediocre flash involving video games can almost be guaranteed $250. And, again, screw you cynics because that's a little more than two weeks of part time work. +$250 is better than +$0.

But even besides the money, video game parodies hog the spotlight from original works. The internet lets amateur artists debut their work to the entire world for free. But video game parodies do not need to get the word out as much because they get so much natural boosts (as stated earlier). Original shorts have a steeper hill to climb.
So me must expect the viewer to want to use his free time to check out something he is unfamiliar with and take time to get used to it. That's what normal TV shows do right?....But Newgrounds churns this stuff out like crazy, meaning the viewers would constantly be having to adjust to new stuff. It is just easier to just watch the stuff you know, yes?

What to do! Everyone should have a shot, but it is very demanding now. Those disgruntled "real" animators who worship Richard William's "The Animator's Survival Kit" like the goddamn bible (pick it up, good buy) and tattoo "squash and stretch" to their asses (OR THEIR DICKS, HA) have begun to surface and voice their frustrated opinion.

But we should not decry the video game parody!

People should be able to use their skills to make their dreams come to life, even if it is based on someone else's characters. They should also be able to share it to the world (and face the consequences if it is poorly made). Sometimes you see a VG parody with EXCELLENT skill, both in animation and writing, so to simply toss it away as "another VG parody" is baseless. But there must also be away to give a leg up to original works.

Do not punish the authors for creating VG parodies, but make it easier for original artists. I ask you:...How?


A "preview" system.

How the hell this works I do no know, but perhaps the front page can play 5 second clips from front page movies to get people to watch them?

-VG parodies are part of NG popularity, history, and community
-VG parodies helped me start my path of animation
-VG parodies have an automatic unfair advantage over original works
-NG "preview system" to get a quick taste of a flash to perk curiosity.

I am getting Prototype for PS3 tomorrow. Anyone else?

The Importance and Danger of the Video Game Parody...And Prototype.

Posted by Chakra-X - May 19th, 2009

Almost four months later, I spot a little gem in the portal dubbed "The Street Fighter Collab". My eye leaped with excitement, like seeing Santa Clause...Four months later. While I was interested how good (or bad? D:) it was going to be, my main curiosity was if I made the cut or not. Now I have never attempted to be a part of a collab, let a lone an official Newgrounds one, but when I saw some of my animations in the awesomely crafted introduction, my insides lit up. I could probably equate this to a magical hand grabbing a girls ovaries? I hear that's what it's like to have ovaries.

But yeah it felt awesome to be a part of that. They weren't kidding when they said "around 30" entries O_o. Overall, the quality I think was much better than the MGS collab, in terms of humor. Same with the presentation. Art-wise, it is hard to tell, because of the different amount and styles of artists. If I may, I would like to go over what I thought of each one, because I have the time to do this kind of stuff now!

I loved the style of the loading screen, props to Arkhe for that.

Short 1 TeamTamango-Wacky, the guys voice kind of bugged me when he laughed, but I liked the way Chun-Li and Zangief were drawn and animated.

Short 2 PigPen-I smile every time Ryu says "hadouken" and "buttmuch". I actually thought it was funny, but for some reason the ending could have been better.

Short 3 keirupted-amusing set up, screaming at the end made me chuckle.

Short 4 egoraptor-I loved this. The drawing/animation style was very pleasing to look at, and taking Ryu's kick and turning it in to that phrase was brilliant. Wish half the reviews would stop repeating it; it loses it's flavor :/

Short 5 gel-Awesome art, I have no idea what Ryu says at the end, so I may be missing something big

Short 6 BoMtoons-Interestig plot that had a lot of potential, but I just did not fidn the climax that funny. Depressing ambience worked though.

Short 7 Osuka-Again, a plot with potential. I really liked Osuka's MGS collab submissions, so I was surprised that this one did not really work for me.

short 8 BobertRob-I just did not find this funny. Silly? Yeah. No cheap humor, but not that funny to me.

Short 9 El Cid- Very pretty and very well animated. I found te beginning and end funny, more so the beginning. The hadoken in the face was silly, but I did not laugh, but I still really liked this one.

Short 10-MiddleFingerRings-Better than his MGS one, I like his art style, but I did not get the joke.

Short 11 TheMexixanMuffinMan-I found this hilarious. Relatively less animation than some, but the dialog was just hilarious. When Chun Li gets the guy though, I was confused to whether if her co workers were trying to hold her back off screen?

Short 12 Fiergon-Haha I love this one. I wish he did more characters, but I guess better not to overdo it? Seeing each character's favorite music was entertaining. I have a feeling the author likes Ryu's music the best for some reason though, but I loved Dan's music.

Short 13-THE SHIT. But really, I wish I upped the volume for the announcer and drew some Zangief stills better. Haha I couldn't believe they added med-oops!

Short 14 thecultguy- I was disappointing by this one. I thought deadpan, dry humor would have worked so well for his drawing style, but as a dick joke, it was unfitting. I guess points for the unexpected ending.

Short 15 phantom-I feel bad for laughing, but Ryu's fantasy (video?) with Chun-Li was funny to me. I didn't really find Ryu jacking off funny though. Humorous expressions.

Short 16 BiffTheTimid- While the drawings are awesome, I was afraid the joke was going to fall flat. I was wrong. Ryu's expression and the "mama,mama" line (from Saving Private Ryan I believe?) made this one of my favorites.

Short 17 Tygerman-The car gag could have been a lot funnier, but the Blanka part was clever.

Short 18 Egoraptor-Again, love the way it's drawn, but did not find it funny. Was it parodying "Unforgivable"? Because I didn't feel that funny either. EDIT: I did not realize he was saying "cross counter" and I also did not get the reference because I didn't really play Third Strike. Probably would have found it funnier if I did/

Short 19 RobertBob- Better than the first. Could have been better, but I enjoyed the "YES"

Short 20 killammer- Took me two views to get what Ryu was doing, but I had a neutral feeling on it.

Short 21 Nalem-Enjoyed Egoraptor's voice acting, witty joke, and drawings.

Short 22 TomFulp-This was almost creepy by the way it was drawn, but I absolutely love Tom's voice acting. "Whaat" and "Hadoken" and his general mannerisms were hilarious. The animation of the arms just adds to the humor. I don't think much others could have made this funny with the same script.

Short 23 Master-Samus-I did not laugh during this, but it was very fun to watch. Clean humor working?! MY GOD.

Short 24 The Swain- Really liked the art, all the jokes I found funny. Nude Ken felt out of place, but Sakura's line was a really nice touch. I am still awed by The Swain's voice acting abilities.

Short 25 Valerofond-I saw this coming from a mile away, and why I can be fan of random violence, I wish this was executed in a funnier way. Not bad though, because it was animated well.

Short 26 Sprite 37-First half I liked (priceless guile expression), second half felt flat to me and I did not notice all the cameos at the end.

Short 27 JohnnyUtah-I actually felt his MGS was funnier, but this was probably better overall. It was entertaining to watch, and while humorous, I did not really laugh out loud. I sill like this one though, but I don't really like the third strike characters. I can't believe people think this one relies on cock jokes though. Damn people generalize too much.

Short 28 AlmightyHans- Nice drawing style, didn't make me laugh. Amusing use of sound effects though.

Short 29 ZombiePimp-One I particularly like. Nice voice acting and nicely animated and drawn. I did not like the sudden drawing style change for the close up of the characters, but the joke was funny. Yay for Zangief-Sakura perversions!

Short 30 Sketchodie-It was well made, regards to the drawings and voice acting (Akuma seemed a little weak to me), but I just did not find this funny. It resembled that "anime humor an silliness" you see, which I don't particularly like. I guess this one was just hindered by my taste. Though I wish he did more with Akuma walking away with Sean to make a stronger punchline.

Short 31 Mrnihil-clever joke, but he did not really do much with it

Short 32 Stamper-Hahaha, I found this actually funny. I wasn't really grossed out. The ridiculous scene between Viper and Guile was so over the top that it worked (Haha I am not surprised Stamper would give viper an urban black-sounding voice when in the game she's your typical young-business-woman-anime voice). Bison's vomit was also well timed and I liked how he enjoyed what he saw instead of being grossed out.

Catoblepas-Actually expecting something more bizarre! But glad he contributed.

Looking forward to the next one!

Ah, for those looking for Fiergon's music when Akuma's iPod is playing, you can listen to it here:

http://www.songstowearpantsto.com/song s/the-internet/

Posted by Chakra-X - December 6th, 2008

Edit 3/8/12

Megaupload was taken out, so I tried to use mediafire to upload files, both they have a 200mb maximum, so I could only fir the Sonic Adventure DX voices and some important Sonic Heroes Voics

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Heroes Starter Pack


You may or may not have known that I uploaded a "starter pack" of Sonic voices. Well, since the original source of the Sonic voice pack is down, I now see I can upload it myself! These are the pre-Shadow the Hedgehog actors, meaning Ryan Drummond and the gang. I always thought the filesize would be too big, but I guess not! I DID NOT rip these voices, a guy by the name of "Lightning the Hedgehog" did. These voices are what pushed me to remake the Nazo story, so enjoy!

Oh, and while there is a semi logical order to the voice sets (you'll see what I mean), they are not named easily, so be wary of that. And PLEASE credit SEGA if you use these.

Sonic Heroes


Sonic Adventure DX


I wanna make a Christmas flash :(

Posted by Chakra-X - October 12th, 2008

It's been over a year since I finished my Nazo Unleashed trilogy. While I am done with Sonic movies, I received a massive load of programs when I started college. I have spent time dabbling with Adobe After Effects and Premiere and has added a bunch of new special effects to Stage 3 of the Nazo Trilogy. Check it out!

/* */
And while I am very, very busy with schoolwork, I want to try and work a little side project for Newgrounds. If I do follow through with it, it's comedy and YES it's a video game parody, but one no one has done before. I don't want to say so I can be the first to do it, but it won't be a series. Essentially, it takes place during an online match and we see various antics between players. The comedy will directed at those that have played the game, but will also be entertaining for those that have not (I hope).

Yeah you've seen those before. Oh haha Halo/Counter-Strike parodies making fun of things that only players will get, rehashing similar, lame jokes. But I enjoy taking a cliche' and making it more interesting/original. And plus this game is awesome enough to warrant a flash movie. I just hope I find time to make it :(

Posted by Chakra-X - March 17th, 2008

Many have requested that my "Nazo Unleashed" trilogy be compatible with iPods. Well I too have always wanted this, so here you go!

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 1

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 2

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 3

Now, about some other things..

Can you teach me how to draw/make a movie?

Sorry, I can't simply "teach" someone how to make a movie like that. I can give you tips about specific techniques and effects, but please do not just ask me "how to make a movie". Newgrounds has a plethora of great tutorials that can help the newest flash artists out there. Besides, if I can learn on my own, I'm sure anyone can :D

Any future movies coming from you?

Well I am NOT going to do my own Sonic movie any time soon. I plan to make an original series, preferably action and an separate off-and-on comedy dealing with current events.

Oh, part 2 now has a redrawing of Nazo in one scene, if you care about that kind of stuff. I'm surprised how much I improved from the time I started part two.

Sonic: Nazo Unleashed, for the iPod/PSP!

Posted by Chakra-X - October 7th, 2007

If you came here for links to music/voices/the FAQ, go here: http://chakra-x.newgrounds.com/news/po st/26939

Some have asked me to draw Shadic in his Super Form, since he never appeared in the movie. I've always wanted to do this, so look at him here!

http://chakra-x.deviantart.com/art/Sup er-Shadic-66771788

I may draw normal Shadic one day, and some "screen shots" of what-if sequel to Nazo Unleashed. Those will probably be far between, because like I have said, I want to display more original, non-Sonic stuff.

Which brings me to the second part of this post: Sonic Fan Characters. When I was younger, I think a drew a couple of pictures of what-if Sonic characters, just for the hell of it. Now, I am seeing people create complete back stories, move sets, and relation ships. They either take one character and just recolor them, give them clothes, etc, or make there own hedgehog design. This is a pet peeve of mine.

Now my "Nazo" series may seem to contradict this, but let me explain. Nazo was not completely designed by me; I took an unknown image and wanted to base a movie on what I thought it would be. I purposely had no character development so I wouldn't distort the Sonic continuity too much (such as 'permanent' fan characters, bizarre couples, etc). When you have a temporary villain, it's different from creating a sibling of Sonic or some other kind of permanent ally. Nazo was just another adventure for Sonic to take on through my creativity.

I see nothing wrong wondering "I wonder what would happen if Sonic had a brother?" or "I wonder if this happened to ______ and ______?", but I've seen people have a strong passion for their characters. While I am proud of the way I portrayed Nazo, I don't necessarily have a passion for him.

I am also not saying "Don't make fake Sonic characters!!"I'm saying don't base your all your time passion, and creativity on one. For example, a kid might tell me about his Sonic fan character "Spike the Hedgehog". The kid says he has a Super form, hyper form, light form, dark form, and mega form, and travels in to the past to hang with Sonic. This kid loves his character!

But this, to me, is annoying. When people love their characters so much that they must tell me/other people about it, why not just make a completely new character? No hedgehog, just your own imagination. Forget about Chaos Emeralds, anthropomorphic hedgehogs, and the whole Sonic universe. If you want to dedicate your ideas/talents to Sonic, but want to make a character that is so radically different from the Sonic universe, then I suggest make your own.

Then again, this is just my opinion. If you like making Sonic fan characters, go ahead, but if you are going to go as far as to PM me your idea of a character (AND even ask me to draw/animate them)just for the sake of someone hearing it, then just consider applying your creativity to something more original.

There is a difference between a hypothetical situation and distortion.

Posted by Chakra-X - September 15th, 2007

First let me thank all who enjoyed and respected my movie. I read every review, but I do no reply to all because I think saying "Much Thanks!" for each review is a tad redundant. I've got many similar questions and comments, and I really hope people turn to this FAQ before sending me a PM.

What is the title of that music score?

The entire soundtrack is listed in the credits in order.

Where can I download the music?

http://www.soahcity.com/music/index.ph p
Most of the music comes from "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG" (Next-Gen) and Sonic Adventure 2.

Where can I get those Sonic voices?

The archive where I originally got all the voices seems to be permanently down. However, I have compiled a n abridged "Starter Pack" of sounds. It's not all of them, but I'll get the job done. Lines that I personally edited for my movie are not included (Super Sonic's Yell, Knuckles saying 'bastard', etc).

http://rapidshare.com/files/56395798/S onic_Starter_Voices.zip

Where can I get those DBZ sounds?

http://rapidshare.com/files/70022596/D BZ_Sounds.zip

http://esf-world.gamers-desire.de/22/S ounds_and_Soundpacks.html

(download the mod for the main soundpack)

I saw the secret ending. Will you be making a sequel?

No. I am done with large scaled Sonic movies for now. I want to make something more original, with human characters that I can call my own. I may make a drawing or two depicting what would have happened, but no flash.

Since you're done your movie, mind making one for me/helping me with one?

No, I'm sorry I can't. Not only will I not have time to meet your deadline because of school, I want a break from flash labor. Also, I really do not like working on a flash that is someone else's idea. I prefer to make what I want to make, and at my own pace, by myself.

Was that Mario and Luigi holding up rings?!

Haha, yep. In this order: Mario, Luigi, Blaze, and Silver.

Regarding Fan Characters

I don't have a problem with people telling me about their fan characters. I guess I act as a creativity outlet that is just compressed in their imaginations :D. But, I suggest moving away from Sonic fan characters if you plan on making a movie/comic/fanfiction about him/her. Don't try to build an in-depth character for an already existing franchise.

Yes, I suppose Nazo is a bit of a fan character, but I took an unknown (but official) image and used that as my foundation to make a temporary villain. People come and tell me about these Super forms and new forms of emeralds, but if you are going to stray that far from the Sonic universe, why not make your own?

You ripped off/referenced DBZ

In the disclaimers it states that the movie ranges from "slight to heavy" DBZ influences. If you saw that, it shouldn't be a problem, or else you would have close the window.

What annoys me, is that people think certain techniques should only stick to DBZ. The thing with Sonic and Dragonball Z, is that they are NATURALLY similar. Sonic just spin dash anymore, and no one wants a movie like that. DBZ did fusion, ok. So. Should only DBZ do fusion? Should only DBZ shoot gigantic energy beams? Why? The Matrix isn't the only movie that does bullet time.

The story to Nazo Unleashed was not based on Dragonball Z. As I stated before, the "negative energy over time manifesting into Nazo" idea was formed way back in th planning stages of "The Power of Nazo", right before I saw the Evil Dragon Saga of Dragonball GT. Perhaps I am confabulating and I WAS inspired by GT. Let's say I DID get the idea from DB GT So? Who cares? Doesn't it make sense that the negative energy build up in the Chaos Emeralds would do something horrible? I got the "negative energy" thing from Sonic Adventure anyway.

The "Ball v.s Beam" struggle was originally planned for the "Power of Nazo", before I saw "Broly the 2nd coming". However, when I did that scene in part 3, I did use that that DBZ movie for tips. I believe I am one of the few to actually have someone PUNCH someone into an energy beam.

The fighting style in within context of the Sonic universe. I bet even the energy blasts could be done (Chaos Spear anyone?). Sonic and DBZ go well together. Deal with it. It's not Dragonball Z with Sonic characters. It's just reminiscent of the fighting style.

You traced/copied the whole movie.

This is just ridiculous. I draw Sonic the way I draw Sonic. Not like the Sonic X (though I like their style of shading). Sonic X tries to look like the official art, and so do I. I'm pretty sure there are bound to be similarities.

To think that I found enough images, to not only cover 24k frames, but to animate the more original characters such as Perfect/Hyper Nazo and Shadic, is completely irrational and unfounded.

Here is a list of pictures and animations I DID copy though.

Nazo Unleashed Part 1:


Nazo Unleashed Part 2:

I took an animation from the Sonic X intro with Super Sonic and Super Shadow fighting, and drew over it with Super Sonic and Nazo

When Nazo blocks Super Sonic's kick to hit him in the gut was from a Dragonball Z clip.

The majority of Super Shadow's melee scenes were drawn over 2 Dragonball Z clips. Though I copied the choreography rather than the art.

Nazo Unleashed Part 3:

The wave animation when Nazo transforms was traced from a DBZ clip.

E-123 Omega was traced from a 3D picture


You are wrong if you think it's "Hyper Shadow". There is no opinion. There is no "you think what you think, I think what I think", no, there is only one name. Why is this so important? Not only is is a misnomer, but it's factually incorrect.

"Hyper" and "Super" are too different forms. "Super" comes from the Chaos Emeralds, "Hyper" comes from the Super Emeralds (except for Tails, who is Super Tails). Super Sonic and Super Shadow call their forms "SUPER forms". Why would Shadow be "Hyper Shadow" when he refers to his form as a "Super Form". Why would his name be different form Super Sonic, Super Silver, and Super Tails? Because he's a slightly different color? No.

The ONLY instances of "Hyper Shadow" were in cheat/tips sites. You know. The same sites that just copy what the other has I mean, they said if you unlocked all emblems in Sonic Adventure 2, you could play as any character you want (including Super Sonic and Super Shadow) in any stage.

What in the world gave you the idea of "Hyper Shadow"?

My movie uses SUPER Tails, not TURBO Tails

My movie is based around the games. When Tails transformed, he is "Super Tails", from Sonic 3 and Knuckles. It even says "Super Tails" when you get all of the Super Emeralds.

"Turbo Tails" is ONLY found in the comics, which my movie is not based on. He has a cape and what not, which I think is weird.

Hopefully that handled all your queries.

Posted by Chakra-X - August 22nd, 2007

THANK you Tom Fulp for the speedy reply! After that, the dimensions were too big, so I had to edit it. But FINALLY, it is out! Phew! I need some Kool-Laid...I'll update with an FAQ shortly.

Hey I have a movie idea! Could you make it for me?

Noooo, no no no. I am taking a break from big flash movies and I couldn't get motivation for work for OTHER people for no money.

Will there be another "Nazo Unleashed" movie?

Nope. This ended the "Nazo Unleashed" trilogy. Years after, I may come back to do a spin off, after I have improved my animation skills and have some time. And I still have to be interested in Sonic. Though, I may not.

But...After the credits I Saw-!

Shh! I'll let your imagination think what's happened :D

Any further works I can see from you?

Well I may submit school projects that I think Newgrounds will like, but no more big movies from me. I may start a series, with short 5 minute episodes with original characters, but don't be expecting THAT anytime soon.

But, I may do flashes just because I have a message. I always wanted to make on these little "console wars", or maybe parody a movie or 2.

I need help with my flash movie!!

Erm, I can't walk you through. I may make an animation tutorial though, since there are plenty of FLASH tutorials for you, so much that you don't need my help.

8/31/07-Huh...Why is Part 3 now lower than Part 2 and 1? In a matter of days, it has dropped almost 30 points.

Posted by Chakra-X - August 22nd, 2007

Yep! That's right! There is only one problem. The filesize is over the limit, so I have to send it to Tom so he can raise my file limit. That may get done today or in th next couple of days. Keep an eye out on the portal today and the rest of this week, because I don't know when he'll respond. Last time, I got an email back within a day.

The movie is 16 minutes long and 15 mbs big. For those with slower connections, I've made a preloader that should kill some time for you.

Once it is out, I will make another news post with an faq of some sort.