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You People Suck at Reviewing/Voting

2009-10-11 22:14:30 by Chakra-X


"Oh hey, that movie was pretty good, I'll give it a 3...WTF IT HAS A 4.46 SCORE, ZEROOOO! That way, it'll be closer to what I think is best. That'll show em :)"

I am guilty of this too, but usually I find myself giving 5s to movies that deserve a higher rating :/. I mean, you don't see movie critics looking at a metacritic score of 97% and giving it a shit review just to lower the average rating to what THEY think is good. It's suppose to be an AVERAGE of what people naturally think, so by voting 0 (or 5) when you actually want to give it a 3 or something defeats the purpose. So a bunch of fanboys want to 5 a movie that has their favorite character/author in it...That's the majority for you. Deal with it and stop trying to cheat it.

Speaking of fanboys...

"lol this was hilarious" TEN


"Shadow should have won >:(" ZERO

Would it hurt to at least tell WHY you like it? or a (real) reason to how it should be improved? This is not YouTube. I tend to write at least a paragraph, but a simple"I really enjoyed this. While the animation could be a bit more believable, the story and action kept me watching the entire time. Keep at it" is just fine.

This is why they did not want NGers voting...SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

So to completely throw my dignity away, I recently collected all the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Chakra-x

I got these from here: hpa.html

You People Suck at Reviewing/Voting


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2009-10-11 22:18:46

this is me commenting on someones post: 1st


2009-10-11 22:20:01

I seem to have lost my pubic hair; do you know where it is?


2009-10-11 22:23:09

Chakra-X: 7/7 Chaos Emeralds.
WeirdAlthe3rd: 1/7 Chaos Emeralds.

Thats it. I'm hiring Rouge to go steal your shit.


2009-10-11 22:30:03

You know the fan boys won't listen to you. They are just too ignorant to accept the fact that the information givin within this paragraph is 100% true. OH SHIIITZ THE CHAOS EMERALDS. NOW U WILLZ GAIN ULTIMATE POWERZ :DDDD


2009-10-11 22:36:52

Super Chakra-X ? Pics or it didn't happen.
I want those chaos emeralds :(


2009-10-11 22:38:12

You people?? What do you mean "You People"?!


2009-10-11 23:34:01

I wish you would've posted this earlier... :(


2009-10-12 00:17:13

Very well put, sir! I'm trying to work on my reviews as well.


2009-10-12 00:44:22

I'd write something here to compliment your point, but I've lost my faith in giving any credit to Newgrounds users. If they could they'd just 0/5 or 5/5 your post just to spite you. It would be cool to see the rating percentages, like how many 0's and how many 3's or 5's though, it would really drive your point home.

Chakra-X responds:

Now *that* is a good idea. I would love to see what individual scores I am getting. You should seriously pitch that to Tom just to see what he thinks.


2009-10-12 00:58:10

yeah i agree. people just give 10s with barely any text and its useless. i actually find most negative reviews to be the most thought out and long with good criticisms


2009-10-12 02:03:58

just for the record movie critic do indeed do that.


2009-10-12 02:16:48

Oh my God, I finally found someone on this sight who feels the same way. It's in my post too, which I really should update, it's been months. My god man, it's awesome to know there's someone out there who gives an honest damn. I try and give good review too, but I should really stop only watching the good videos and giving 10's because they're the thingsthat are A) awesome, B) Full of heartfelt meaning, or C) show someone's talent. I need to go back to basics and start reviewing stuff fresh off the post. And I have you to thank for that. So in final words, for god's sake people, listen to this guy, give better reviews. For me, for yourself, for the artists, and for god's sake, stop typing in all caps and just quoting stuff in reviews. Bad form.

P.S. I'm a big Sonic Fan, and I love your series.


2009-10-12 02:20:19

More like GAYos Emeralds.
And I feel it's up to the smart people to just stick to the reviewing etiquette, the fanboys'll dry up eventually. There's only so many sloppy Sonic/Shadow Fanfiction spin-off adventures to puke out.


2009-10-12 03:20:57

Took you this long to realize the community here, for the most part, is shit?

Too bad you don't have a Master Emerald. Now, where did you buy them, so I may rape their shit?

Chakra-X responds:

I've known it for awhile, I actually do not think I am saying anything people did not already know. But when it comes to voting, people forget it's suppose to be an average of what people think, not "what the overall score should be according to you". I got the 3 1/4" ones.


2009-10-12 03:52:19

There's a couple of problems.

1. You are allowed to vote multiple times.
2. Non-registered users can vote. Also see #1 - multiple times.
3. reviews count for shit.

What really needs to happen is that the whole vote system be completely scrapped. Instead, it should be review only. This solves all of the problems you cited - people don't review just 0 or 10. They tend to put more realistic scores. You can also only review once.

The problem with reviews is that most tend to be worthless, and in many cases, review scores aren't really indicative of the quality of the submission. For example, see any submitted by DD, CC, etc. WIth very few exceptions, they should all be 0. And yet, there are reviews with a rating of 10. So, with that in mind, there needs to be a way to have reviews removed for obvious uselessness. For example, if a review simply consists of "awesome" or "crap", then delete it. If there's a review praising some aspect of the flash that isn't even present, IE: it's just a flashing cat picture with shitty techno in the background, and the review talks about plot, then there should be a way to get rid of that review.

But that's just me.


2009-10-12 13:33:19

I know this is really off topic should start making a new series of animation.....your very talented but you don't want to continue....should be the return of nazo or something lol that would be cool or a new threat! Create something else a new enemy for sonic and shadow develop new transformations...hope you get to make new flashes soon

Chakra-X responds:

I do plan on making more flashes, just no more Sonic ones


2009-10-12 18:55:20

Holy crap Where did you get those?!


2009-10-13 16:52:28

F-22Pilot4456 has some serious issues....don't comment ever again


2009-10-14 04:29:59

Awww F**K I only have a BLUE 1!!!

But ur series was awesome cuz the animation was great, the storyline was believable and U kept the personality of teh characters. Great ending, great delivery. Hop this makes u feel better even tho I gave U a review about 1 2 3 years ago lol!!!

I gave u a 10 and a 5 anyways


2009-10-15 15:14:23

thats funny,Super Chakra-X.Man.I want to collect the chaos emeralds.But i have something better than chaos emeralds,The master emerald.Hahaha.I dont know why i am telling you this.Yea.Wat's scary is that Knuckles watches everything i do,it's creepy.I also have the saphire emerald.Yea.


2009-10-19 12:24:31

OMG! Chakra-X has got all the 7 emeralds. Now he can turn Super Chakra-X.

The X will sound cooler 100X!



2009-10-19 15:46:14

Dude while telling why you liked it is nice somtimes you really don't have to, cuaes it's obvious what people like about it, but I can't say the same about the people who just write, THIS SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!0000000000 But anyways awesome emeralds, I have the white, red and yellow one. So how could you have possibly became super Chakra-X!!?? O_o

Chakra-X responds:

Actually I specifically want to know what they like about my movie. The animation? The fight scenes? Okay, which one? All of them? Okay why?

I like to nail down the specifics to see how to do better and what people want.

Oh. I'll need about 50 over sized golden rings to keep being Super Chakra-X >:D


2009-10-20 11:45:46

I agree 100%. Honestly, I never had faith in the NG general community. Everyone just jumps on and throws down meaningless reviews and rates a 0 just because they want to bring down a score. It's sad that the only things on this site that get showcased and constantly given higer ratings are flashes that have the maturity level of a 4th grader. And then there's the end of the day issues, I've seen a score go from a 4.3 to a 3.2 in like the time span of 25 seconds. Oh well, I've just come to accept the fact that this site will never change and people will continue to vote and review the way they always have. Every once and a while there will be a few thought out meaningful reviews.

Btw, I do enjoy your animations, I was always impressed by the smoothness and feel of them.


2009-10-22 20:06:52

I have collected All the chaos emeralds plus the super emeralds to become..........HYPER badger4528!!!!!!!!!


2009-10-22 20:10:11

Oh and i also have OVER NINE THOUSAND RINGS and the master emerald so i can become.......SUPER MEGA HYPER BADGER 4528!!!!!!!!


2009-10-24 01:28:09

LOL awesome, Chaos Emeralds.
By the way why can't most people who use the internet write properly (or type as it were) it only takes a few seconds to spell check and if they actually ARE unable to form the correct words, well then they should learn.
Sometimes I feel like I need one of those almost-illeterate people to translate what I'm reading.


2009-10-24 01:28:09

IS i true U let a guy make a sequel to ur NAzo unleashed Series =D?

Chakra-X responds:

I know somebody is making something like that on DeviantArt. Fans are free to mess around to "what if" scenarios as they please.


2009-10-24 05:30:54

Isn't there a red chaos emerald...I hope my minds not screwing with me again, but I'm pretty sure that there is indeed a red Chaos Emerald. Still pretty awesome collection.

Chakra-X responds:

Look aaaaaaall the way in the back and you will see my favorite red emerald.


2009-10-24 14:40:33

Good lesson... But from where the hell did you get the CHAOS EMERALDS??
I was looking for them!

Chakra-X responds: :D


2009-10-26 19:04:42

I definitely get what you mean. It does get annoying when they write stuff like that. I tend to write small stuff when it's a series, then make a major review for the final one (e.g- your Nazo Unleashed trilogy). So when I look at other reviews, I take notice of what they say. Almost always will bad reviews have these long paragraphs explaining why the author sucks and good reviews just say nice and that's it. I can get wanting to get a message across quick and too the point. But would it kill you to do three sentences past your header. So I agree with you all the way.

P.S- Those are some killer Chaos Emeralds XD. Where'd you get them.


2009-10-30 05:42:39

i always review fairly, but i do find myself voting either 0 or 5.

i vote 2 if i hate something still being judged but i know it will pass.

btw, if each chaos emerald was 5.52, and you bought 7, not including shipping or what they are sitting on, you spent almost $40 on those motherfuckers?

Chakra-X responds:


Crazy investment I know. Usually I am very cheap, but I just HAD to have them all ever since I got the green one a couple years ago.


2009-10-31 14:47:34

this, is for say something funny:



2009-10-31 15:51:44

Holy hell the chaos emeralds!! Very nice dude!


2009-10-31 20:49:49

You speak the utter truth.

The emrald must've cost a pretty penny. How much did you spend?

Chakra-X responds:

Combined with shipping and the tealight holders I got a bed bath and beyond, around $60. I did not buy it all at once though, to make it easier on my wallet (but spent $6 more on shipping than I had to)


2009-11-01 14:14:33

Good, now try to find the Master Emerald.


2009-11-02 23:47:36

But if you found the master emerald,and turned the chaos emeralds into super emeralds you could become Hyper Chakra-X


2009-11-10 22:25:38

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! DAMMIT! very well than..... you have the chaos emeralds but I have the super emeralds. Hyper bitch.


2009-11-13 21:57:33

Why won´t you make a sequel?

Chakra-X responds:

Because it would never end! I think this was the most climatic I could get it to without getting TOO ridiculous. Besides, I want to do original animations instead of relying on Sonic.


2009-11-14 12:40:42

News report!: Some man known as chakra-x has collected all 7 chaos emralds =D
and became "Super chakra-x" now what will he do?


2009-11-14 21:53:05

How much did those cost?

Chakra-X responds:

Each emerald was $5.50 on


2009-11-17 23:21:20

Fanboys are idiots. You have to understand that.


2009-11-22 21:54:30

How do I be frinds with you Chakra - X? By the way love your drawings.

P.S.try scary maze game 1 & 3. you will get scared or jump or almost die to death.


2009-11-25 00:39:23

are those emeralds realy yours if so THAT IS AWESOME!


2009-11-30 19:04:16

Chakra-X got all the chaos emeralds
Now Chakra-X can be Super Chakra-X
Sorry I couldn't help myself... LOL
Yeah I saw some reviews and votes like that and it would really piss me off if someone did that to me...


2009-12-01 13:04:18

Sucks about that man, anyways where did you get them from cause I see hundreds of people have them now?


2009-12-03 23:50:25

Finally, somebody else noticed. Jeez. I was beginning to think I was the only one leaving honest reviews.
For the record, I'm no fanboy, but I certainly did enjoy watching nazo unleashed.
Thanks for making it Mr. Chakra. you've earned your props.


2009-12-04 20:37:05

Hey. I totally agree with you man. I'm sorry for having you to see NG uers do their voting like that. Tbh, I just simply since I liked it. My reason for not telling why I like it because I'm not too good qith details like most ppl may be.


2009-12-04 20:39:10

Sorry for the errors in my last comment. I accidentally left out the word "vote" and other errors.


2009-12-04 20:39:57

Nice Chaos Emeralds!!
Did you make a Master Emerald??
Are those real or not??
Please tell me!!!

P.S. people DO suck at reviewing AND voting.

Chakra-X responds:

lol I bought them at


2009-12-05 09:50:35

Are the emeralds just the paper weights for increablegifts? do you have a more direct link :P they would look good in my collection so im interested :)

Chakra-X responds: gldishpa.html