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Looking for Musician(s) with a Guilty Gear/ BlazBu type of sound for student animaton

2011-08-08 20:35:59 by Chakra-X

Good day!

I am heading in to my senior year of the University of the Arts and I am preparing the beginnings of my senior thesis animation. It'll be a ~5 minute action, fighting theme cartoon, with emphasis of high-energy, stylish fight scenes.

I have gone over possible scenes in head many times and I find myself listening to tracks from the Guilty Gear and BlazBlu video game series. Example:

Guilty Gear -5F8

BlazBlu p6AM

I also want to try something unique and throw a dash of 90s dance music to the mix.

I really like it when the music compliments the blows and impacts of fight scenes, as well as having defining character themes. There are two protagonists, one being an unarmed 20 something fighter dude with powers based on the sun and the other being a twin sword wielding young woman based off the moon. The antagonist is a burly, black-hole based 30 something power freak. I like to be cheezy, so each character will have a short intro/fight theme.

I also plan to submit it to festivals, so I want as much exposure as possible.

I am rather picky though. If you think you have a good grasp of this style or KNOW an artist on this website or wherever who enjoys a style like this, feel free to let me know. Now I'm also a college student and will not be producing this for profit form the getgo, so I am not prepared to be spending money every direction to find the right talent, but if I go with your style and it really gives me goosebumps when played with the animation, I can most certainly consider a small form of compensation.


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2011-08-08 21:01:42

Whoa! It's Chakra-X The crator of Nazo Unleashed!!!


2011-08-08 21:14:29

Well, i know a friend who could that pretty well. I'm gonna ask him.
Here's a little thing of his : 6O_GA

Chakra-X responds:

Awesome! Thanks a lot


2011-08-08 21:22:17

Try RealFaction and see what he can make for you. :) He's multi-talented with his musical skills and a good guy to work with.


2011-08-08 22:50:47

Whoa! It's Chakra-X The crator of Nazo Unleashed!!!

Chakra-X responds:

Dammit Jazz! I make things like this now haha


2011-08-09 00:34:03

I specialize in metal and rock! check out my stuff :)


2011-08-09 09:31:00

OK, I know this probably doesn't fit in the style you're looking, but check out Ben Sharp (aka Cloudkicker). See if this fits your fancy: HGOn8

Also, check out Keith Merrow: TGE7c

Both of these guys allow downloads of their early works for free, of which these songs are a part of. Otherwise, you can always check Newgrounds for artists.

I'm secretly hoping you use one of the tracks I suggested.


2011-08-09 16:00:42

Check out what i made.. n/435484


2011-08-09 16:33:05

Whoa! It's Chakra-X The crator of Nazo Unleashed!!!


2011-08-09 17:47:11

LOL, you used Suck a Sage as an example. Holy Orders would've gotten your message across so much better.


2011-08-11 23:45:28

Hey man, you know I'm more than willing to whip up some tracks for ya.

I don't really fux with the heavy stuff like Guilty Gear, but it's not outside my realm. BRABU on the other hand, I can whip something up.

But I'd prefer if you saved me as a last resort, for obvious reasons. I may be able to grab hold of someone for you two, if necessary.

In other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


2011-10-03 19:17:45

Glad to see you back dude!


2011-10-21 19:31:55

┬┐Nazo is your Sonic character?


2011-12-03 06:30:08

hey chakra-x Sapphirethehedgehogx needs your help


2012-03-05 23:50:25

Your challenge has been accepted. I am fairly new at music-making, but I can produce music that is pleasing to one's ears.