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My First Winter Flash!--Talk about last minutes :/

Posted by Chakra-X - January 16th, 2010


Great thanks to Shard-Spider and MysticShinhaku for the fantastic voices. I am sorry to say I could not finish Jesus's awesome gunkata scene with Osama, so the majority of Mystic's lines have gone unused :(. I may add in an animatic at the end to show the viewers, and Mystic, what it would have looked/sounded like.

You can tell where I had to hurry up (SANTA IS MOUTHLESS). I actually preferred my original Christmas-based story, but since I was working, the VAs were busy, and I had only gotten done school work the week before Christmas, there was no way I could have finished before the 25th, which Tom recommended for Christmas-themed flashes. So I decided to aim for the January 15th deadline with a technically non-christmas theme story, about what Santa does when it's NOT Christmas.

I originally had him shirtless and buff, and was going to take out three guards with an smg, bullet time style. Oh why must slow-motion with 2D be so....inconvenient. But I am happy the way it came out. I am sorry I could not get the Jesus scene in, but watch it and tell me what you think!

Damn animation classes...Back in the Nazo Unleashed days, all I knew was flapping mouths, now I am annoyed if I don't have accurate lip movements and minor actions that give the character personality (the cigar twirling and grunting of the boss terrorist).


is 16, the limit not is the 15 ?

er....I was hoping they'd cut me a break since it was early in the morning :''''(


11:34 is the oldest hidden time joke ever lol

i catch it all the time but non the less still amusing :D


Seriously? I just chose an earlyish time of day...I didn't even think of it being "hell" backwards, weird O_o

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Dude, I've honestly never seen better animation. Have you pute the "Nazo Unleashed" Special edition on here yet? Please...

Can't :/. It's a video file and Newgrounds only uploads flash files. Special effects like those are only possible with video.

I also noticed that Hyper Knuckles' and Super Tails' transformations are extremely accurate... right down to the last bird (forgot what those things were called) Great job!!!

P.S. It woulda been cool if you coulda fit Chaos Knuckles and Turbo Tails in there (they are from the comics)! XD

Glad you noticed! I cared a lot about detail from the games, even if I was using DBZ like effects. I do not follow the comics, so I had "Nazo Unleashed" follow the game universe.

ummmm........ hey chakra-x if it's not too much to ask could i involve nazo in a story i'm making?


Hi Chakra, im new here but i want to let you know a friend of mine on flipnote hatena is making a nazo return, his version with his fan character, i just want u to chekc it out its epic. Its was for fun i just wanted to get ur opinion on it so i can tell sync. Heres the link: <a href="http://flipnote.hatena.com/5154A5B0F3FB467D@DSi/movie/1743DA_0977AEA2544AD_020?in=user">http://flipnote.hatena.com/5154A5B0F3 FB467D@DSi/movie/1743DA_0977AEA2544AD _020?in=user</a>
Sync can draw, please let him do the series, ill post a link of every new episode for you, also hatena only lats us do one minute flips so they might seem short
Later Chakr X

srry cant spell im in a rush

hello! i wish i had the gift like you picaso..... damn you are god! but loooots of practise huh? Sonic:Nazo Unleashed Pt 1,2 and 3 OWNS!!!!

xD, fuck you man

I read Santa as Satan. What does that say about me?

This is not about your upcoming series Chakra-X&gt; This is about something that The Sonic Fan Base Of The World has to say about your flash,&quot; Nazo Unleashed&quot;. It has come to our attention that you overlooked one small detail. The detail is that Nazo will only come without the heroes to save the planet. And that through the course of years friendships will be severed and betrayal will occur. One very blatant one to T.S.F.O.T.W. is the relationship of Sonic and Tails. Their friendship will eventually end because of an incident that turns then from good friends to warring enemies. And that of Sonic and Shadow. They only unite when the world is in such turmoil that they have to become allies and that is only temporarily. They are brutal rivals and a good deal of the time hate each others guts. Plus there are the relationships to take account of. Many fans among us would agree of these relationships are what give these characters their heart and soul. The suffering that each has gone through to become who they are is admirable. Take Shadow for instance. He had to watch as the girl he loved was shot by a G.U.N. soldier. Or an even better example is Tails. He had to kill the girl that he loved to save a planet that he really shouldn't care about. But the event did spawn a new love for him. Shadow did not get this event to happen for him. He had to live his life in eternal suffering. Or even Sonic. Fat cruelly ripped from him his first true love when he was separated from Sally. Their trials, tribulations, hopes, dreams, and everything in-between has made them into either heartless villains, brave-hearted heroes, or even someone who is impressionable enough to be influenced by others who may choose a side or become whatever they choose. This is OmegaTails1 signing off, hoping you see things our way eventually. Thank you and Goodbye.

this has nothing to do with your post, but I very much enjoy your reviews

Thanks a lot, seriously. I like my reviews to helpful to some extent, not just a "this was cool 10/10!". I love reading in-depth reviews so I like to do the same.