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I want to make a Nazo Unleashed Sequel--Taking a Poll

Posted by Chakra-X - May 29th, 2015

Hey Newgrounds! I have been hyper-busy this past year, but unfortunately that "busy" did not include submitting a whole ton of animated videos.

Almost 10 years later, I recognize that Nazo Unleash was/is my "claim to fame" on the internet and out-performs all my newer content to this day. I never wanted to to conitnue it because of school and work, but now things have begun to settle down for the best. So in recognition of that success and my super supportive and loyal fans, I am testing the idea of making a Nazo Unleashed sequel. I say "testing" because the way I want to do it would require a LOT of work and I have a LOT less time than I did in high school. If I decide to start a Kickstater, that would make this happen.

Here is a video explaining the idea.


Also, I am conducting a survey to see if enough people are interested to back a kickstarter for a 15-minute ish Nazo sequel. Feel free to fill that out here!


Again, nothing is set in stone and I do not want to assume that Nazo is relevant enough to deserve a kickstarter, but hey I'm gonna try!



I want to see it so bad.

I could see backing that. Your previous animations are pretty much classics and your talent has grown quite a lot since then.


Me likey of this idea.

I would love a sequel. I really hope this becomes something.


If there is a sequel in process, it might be good.

Guess that means that mine is worthless now, right? *sigh* >_>

hahahaha by all means no! People out there will probably prefer a the cyborg Nazo to my more organic revival and I am still glad you made it! I am still curious what would have happened if you finished it though.

being a huge closet Sonic fan, Ive always dug your Nazo joints.. I wish you the best man!

ayyy Thanks MC!

I dunno man... As much as I look forward to this, I think it's just going to cause more confusion among the fans. What made you want to make a sequel in the first place? You've said many times in past updates that you weren't going to make a sequel. That's one of the reasons that inspired me to continue your work.

A. Oh hell Yeah B. 15 Mins, needs to be Around 20-30 Mins to be a True Sequel, not your Everyday Spongebob Episode! But, a Little less DBZ-ness, and a bit more Serious Jason Griffith Styled sonic and Shadow (Would be Nice) C. Voice Actors, i mean come on, the Voice Clips were okay, but some Good Voice Actors would be a GREAT Addition! D. Needs to be all in one part! E. Don't do this Alone, do it with some other Animators and Artists. Hell, it'll make your Life Waaaay easier with a Few Extra hands!

-That is all, and GOOD luck man....can't wait for a Second Movie!

I finally had time to do the Typeform. I'm glad you provided the multiple choice question too!~ I hope we get to see you more often, @Chakra-X !~ Remember, patience is key(I will not bug you about how soon it needs to come out. I'm a patient person when you get to know me ^^).

Also remember to 'live and learn'!~ "Art done fast is nothing, but when done with time comes quality"-Me.

Have a wonderful day, @Chakra-X !~

Yours truly,
- @ARTISTIAChan /Artistia Cons/Brianna Nevaeh Gonzales

Well, 2019 is almost over, and it seems The Return of Nazo of yours is not finished yet.

I'll be waiting, don't worry.

Why are you even making this when SolarFoxProductions is already doing a sequel? Do you not care about his work that he made for you?