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Posted by Chakra-X - May 14th, 2011

Yo Newgrounds, I just finished my junior year at the University of the Arts and my friend Sean Glaze made this masterpiece. Perhaps Newgrounds will be a place he submits it too but for now behold the grandness.

As for myself, Newgrounds will soon be receiving my junior piece, "The Hood-ass Tales of Captain Ig'nant"


Comments (19)

haha hilarious- i hope he submits it here!

that is so beautiful!

That was crazy and so goood !


That was fuckawesome.

I also notice in your pic for your Junior Piece, the BG is 3D modeled.

Good eye! It's an environment I made for my 3D modeling and texturing class

That's one of the most original things I have ever seen! Excellent! As for your piece, I'm looking forward to it!

Fuckin' hilarious! Captain Ig'nant sounds like a winner.


Someone tried to rip Fisthead into the Portal. That's testament to the cartoon's grandeur, although punching the tower walls to climb it is also pretty epic. Submitting it without proper credit is how I came upon Fisthead to begin with. There was a definite Superjail influence in there--you know, the Adult Swim cartoon where everybody in the prison ends up warring and slaughtering one another after every episode?--with the look and feel.

I just watched Captain Ig'nant and didn't know how to approach it. First of all, Toon Boom was used, so I'm pretty sure someone will complain. Secondly, it's absurd. Really absurd. Third, it's front page-prone by virtue of its satire. Personally, I'm not into grinding stereotypes into the woodwork, because you have to sand those stains off and have to reapply the finish, which is just a big old societal clusterfuck of a job. Stereotyping is nowhere near as effective as going over the top with your exaggerations.

Hence, I laughed with Fisthead more than with Captain Ig'nant. Still, it's more than decent by most standards. Hope you get a high grade from it!

Thanks a lot for the feedback on both the animations, really appreciate it.

im suprised i thought u were black.

I am O_o


Wut? your icons so misleading lol!
Lol i thought you were racist but nvm ur just funny.

Im loving both fisthead animation and most all your own work!

Loved fisthead!

fist head was hilarious and so was captain ig'nant, but if you were white right now you would be getting sued by whoever saw it and was black and took it offensive (kinda like tropic thunder)so...what im trying to say is:sir, you were blessed to be black

side joke:i was black...but my momma slapped me and my brother (who was white) so hard...we switched colors

Is There Gonna Be More Captain Ig'nant??

I doubt it. He was really just for my junior thesis and to send a message.

wait are you black ???


i am black too !!!!!realy