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Amibitious, PASSION DRIVEN, one of th piece I was most hype for as a fellow "fuck you I am doing a fight scene".

I like that you were bold enough to go for scenes/actions on the Z axis and moving them through space, I rarely did that in Eclipse Force, shit's HARD especially with how we design our characters. I know there are things you would improve on, tweak, and polish if you had time. That's the price to pay when we both are assholes and just say NUH UH IM DOING IT ANYWAY.

If you ever go back to a Del short (AND I HOPE YOU DO), suggestions that I would take (suggestion I need for myself too) are work on anatomy/poses, and letting us know who the bad guy is and why is is so badass (I KNOW I AM GUILTY OF THAT LAST ONE BIG TIMEEEEE). Also, you know when you have someone do like a big punch to the face or something? Instead of having that punch animation just end when it hits the face, show a few frames of that punch stretching the fuck out of whatever body part it's hitting, then a few frame that settle down in to a non-stretched version, makes it more impactful!


Kofdizz responds:

Thanks, bro! I appreciate it! Eclipse Force 2, please!

Your Guard Scream

Is still my favorite sound clip, after "eat feet" and "like my new necklace". Your characterization, a long with your voice actor, gave the Pinata so much personality I am almost sad to see him go. Almost. Obviously really well animated and your timing adds to the funnies just as much as your lines.

And you bastard you got to do a transformation before me. I am sure you making fists appear all over his body was Fisthead's version of a Super Saiyan.

Enjoyable, but Missed the Sweet Spot

First let me say off I never felt like I was entitled for something during the 4 years you were working on this. You worked on it when you could little by little, I don't understand why that is so hard to understand. Maybe these complaints are coming from people that don't have to worry about working/going to school/doing things besides animating?

I will say that I was astonished by the trailer. It was before I was done the 3rd part of Nazo Unleashed and I was like "wow this is so much better than mine". That was 4 years ago, so Newgrounds' standards of "great" animation has increased and people have matured (imagine the difference of opinion of someone who was 14 and who is now 18). As of now the score is 4.04, which I am actually surprised by how low it is. Had this been released in 2006 or so, you'd be in the top 50.

The animation quality itself. A HUGE jump in quality between Act 1 and Act 3, but you improved as you went on so it's understandable. You used a lot of frame by frame which I can respect. It really shined on Sonic's battle on the egg carrier. The missiles were done well and The Chaos 0 water was also nice. You should take more consideration in to 'anticipation' poses. Like when Knuckles threw the asteroid, unless that was a comical choice, seeing him wind up the throw would have had a better impact. Remember that any movement you do to go forward requires you to go backward first, so jumping out the way of an attack requires the character to crouch so he can spring his legs to avoid the danger. It was a shame to see a nicely animated scene when Sonic drops on to the Egg Carrier, but when Super Shadow shows up, Sonic stands perfectly still and injured, and only his arm moves to back hand Shadow away. Again, It would have looked much better to have him wind up.

You also tried moving character in perspective, which I applaud you for, but I spotted many distorted perspective drawings (the dock not aligning with the horizon was one but again it was Act 1). When Super Sonic fell off the ship (can't he fly by the way, why worry about falling :P) looked a bit odd, and it looked like you had trouble staying on model. The character proportions changed a lot. Much moreso in in Act 1, but Knuckles head size/quill length was not consistent

Story? People these days seem to LOVE THEMSELVES SOME STORY. This could have been done without a story and been fine that way, however, you did imply a story, as if Sonic failed, Shadow ,Chaos 0, and Eggman would destroy the world. A triple pair up like that definitely warrants some explanation, but it was entertaining to watch unfold. A shame Tails could not have done more. You took the time to model the Tornado 2, I would have loved to see it attack the Egg Carrier Sonic Adventure style! You could have did without the cringe-worthy anime stereotypes such as shots when we see one eye open/close (I am guilty of this myself!) or seeing Knuckles in a cloak, which actually seemed more like a Full Metal Alchemist power than super strength.

However, my biggest issue with this animation is the pacing. You chose to have it musically driven and not use sfx or voices, which is fine, but the music only matched the Act 1 somewhat. All the other scenes seemed to be action with music thrown in. I love Guilty Gear music but by Act 2 it felt very out of place. Chaotic Battle worked very well with the GG music because the music complimented the action. For instance, you used the awesome track "meet again", but when the shot gets to the missiles firing, the music is still very slow. Action cartoons combine good choreography, camera work, timing, and sound to get that "oomf". The thing is, your *trailer* was synced very well in terms of action and music, with audible cues connecting the actions on screen. Seeing Hyper Sonic punch shadow had minimal impact without a beat/sound effect to back up the punch. I'd go as far to say that you should add some slower scenes for pacing and coherence add sound effects, that's just me.

Running out of character space! At least you are finally done! congrats

BritishGolgo13 responds:

Good to hear from you, man! Thanks for the well-thought and well-written review. I really do appreciate you taking the time to crit my work and cite specific instances of what could be improved upon. Though I think the #1 thing to work on is not I agree with just about everything you've said and I'm glad you understand why some things turned out as they did.

Half of the movie was done prior to art school (Act 1 and some of 2) while the rest had the knowledge and techniques applied such as antics/anticipation and follow through.

Thanks for understanding and the respect given is much appreciated.

A Welcomed Deviation from your Previous Styles

A lot of the lower reviews criticize your choice of narration, the removal of the ambiguity of the previous episodes, etc.

Now, if you had gone your normal route of "Bitey relaxing, notices a weird creature, engages in it/teases it, gets in to mischief", those naysayers would praise you but then you would have others saying "it's the same Adam Phillips every time".

Dead if you do, dead if you don't

I WILL admit the narration was a strong deviation from what you usually do, but god forbid you try to change things up, whether your story calls for it or if you are experimenting.

Ah the keyword..."YOUR STORY"...That witch was the first human I've ever seen in a Brackenwood animation. No that does not destroy the wonder of it just because it's not a creature, and I am pretty sure there is more to this character than just a "water witch". I personally don't give a damn if something is not 100% original. Essentially everything has been done before, and just because it has doesn't mean you can't do it as well if you do it right.

The animation, as always, was superb. You can see where you took shortcuts (certain tweens, and close ups), but honestly, you are doing an immense amount of work for free on your free time...Nothing wrong with cutting here and there. However, your backgrounds seem much better in this animation than your previous ones and I am always stunned to see you accomplish them in FLASH. I use them as reference material many times. You also had a lot more camera angle turns, making the movie more 3 dimensional. I love the shot of him dashing across the land right before he sees the witch. I will admit the filters looked sloppy sometimes. I know you had to reduce the quality so the flash would run well, but it did suffer.

Now the narration...This is YOUR idea. You don't need US to wonder about a mystery if you have cold hard facts about YOUR characters and YOUR world. I personally like when there is concrete information about a character and not just ambiguous/metaphorical details. Instead of "a strange creature in a land far away", you actually have a planet with an ecosystem. I like that kind of stuff, but at the same time, "the world of wonder and mystery" is not destroyed, like some others jump to criticize, because it is still a fascinating world. If anything, it would be MORE CLICHE to just have it be as "some fantasy world" and not give it a planet, or the animals specie names, etc.

However, this was the first time you showed us Bitey's childhood and motive to be a trouble maker. This did not benefit from the narration. I felt there would have been a stronger impact and sense of sympathy if we simply followed a flashback/dream of Bitey as a child. You had a nice scene like that in the animation, but it was brief. This narration also seems more like a bridge rather than a standalone story, so that's another thing people who enjoy your typical work may need to accept.

Once again, a fantastic piece of animation. I welcome your switch up in style and I embrace the fact that you are making a "factual" fantasy world. The narration worked for the most part, but I feel an entire animation could have been dedicated to Bitey's past, rather than a montage like this. I think viewers need to lighten up and wait to see what you have in store, but I am confident you will please us.

I would like to give this a 9/10 since it does have it's flaws, but the production values are too damn high relative to other submissions on this site, that I have to give it a 10

chluaid responds:

dude thanks for an excellent review. All your criticism is perfectly justified and I especially refer to your comments re: narration. I completely agree on each point. I also really appreciate your observation that the narration seems like a bridge, rather than a standalone story and I can tell you've considered my motive as a writer and director before making a surface judgement and just started typing. For that, thank you.

Could Have Taken More Advantage of Premise

I actually laughed out loud a couple of times, and the duration was just right. I am glad you did not include this with the plethora of other Transformers parodies because it would have felt more stale and just part of a trend.

What I really liked was you using a third grade parody to describe it. I personally loved the movie, but you did not have to rely upon over exaggerating a negative detail about the movie to be funny. While you did have to result in random acts of violence/cursing, and I suppose that's you style, the awkwardness of the third graders were amusing. And who did the high pitched voice who was screaming "Not Now Charles!"? I thought that was one of the funniest set of lines of the short.

I actually thought the "GET OFF THE STAGE CHARLES" part was funny, but the "human sacrifice" and "i have to take a poo" bits were a little much/out of place, which detracted from the humor. For the former, a third grader willfully stabbing another does not fit the "young, ill-prepared, and untalented" theme you had going on. If the stabber had not known it was a real sword and started freaking out, as well at the victim screaming, I think that would have both been funny and sticking to the theme.

The latter just bugged me because the play "director" seemed funnier as a "verbally" abusive person, rather than a physical one. An adult yelling at the 3rd grader seems funnier to me because a) the way had the guy yelling and b) because we slightly pity the kid for getting yelled at so much, but a cartoony beating off stage just seems generically slapstick. However, I actually laughed during the devastator attempt because while the idea of kids accidentally hurting themselves while trying to form devastator is predictable, the over the top violence they suffered made it funny.

The animation was fine. Not TOO much going on, but the way you presented the costumes was nice, and kudos for the well animated curtain, instead of just a horizontal tween which you could have gotten away with. I also applaud the walk cycle of the kid in the rectangular costume. Perspective is a bitch D:.

Overall, I really like what you were going for here. I hope I did not sound pretentious by going in depth of what *I* thought would be funny/unfunny, but the people here saying it did not have the "egoraptor charm" do not know what they are talking about. Not everything you do has to be fast paced and have super-zany humor for you to give off your 'charm'. And we all have to remember, you wanted to try something silly by poking fun at a popular movie. I don't think your goal was to create a comedy milestone for yourself, but just to have fun with robots and 3rd graders.

Egoraptor responds:

You're flattering me! I didn't think as far into it as you probably thought I did... I just slapped down a script in a couple minutes. I think the fact that it was a 3rd grade play was just may way of making fun of how absurd the movie is without just blatantly pointing it out.

To be honest the offscreen beating was going to be an onscreen beating but I just ran out of the passion to animate it. I was getting really tired of this animation by the end of it haha. You're right though, it isn't as good as it could have been.

And I dunno, while the "surprised about it being a sword" suggestion would fit the theme more, I'm more about the unpredictable and the blunt. The kid just murders the other kid without a thought. I laughed.

Very Nonsensical

I liked the way this was animated. The lip sync was a bit choppy at parts but I am not expecting articulate syllable matching drawings in all flash movies.

The humor was an important part for this, and most of the non-sequiturs were amusing (the Bidfoof one in particular since I can relate to that). But the only time I let out a laugh was the sudden purposely-lackluster "Oh shiiiiiiiit" remark when the whale attacked.

Besides that, the rest of the humor was adequately entertaining, but for me, the randomness messed up the timing and building of jokes. I know that was what you were aiming for, so congrats to that, but I think the humor suffered (well, for me at least) because of it.

Memes usually kill flashes for me D:. I really think what is funny on a forum does not translate well in to flash. The one meme reference I thought was well placed, though still could have done without, was the very brief awesome face when the missile exploded (nice job tying those two..er..."stories" together).

The microphone quality hurt the dialogue, but that's a rather inconvenient thing to fix. They make ~$15 microphones that get the job done and with a sock over it, it usually is pretty good for flash movies.

I like the drawing style though, so with some tweaking, this could be a pretty successful series.

An Awesomely Balanced Approach

I feel bad since I probably would not have watched it unless it was on the front page, but I saw Hania's news post saying 1) she made the music and 2) it took you a longass time to complete so I gave it look.

I am happy to say I was more than satisfied!

No sappy, dark, or cute narrative here. While there is nothing wrong with those types of movies, I tend to find animations of this style (sold color shapes with vector styled drawings) like the types mentioned above. Those types may leave a feeling of art expertise and well crafted narration...But sometimes there is a disconnect between my interest and my appreciation.

This animation had it all. A unique story, a visually appealing and talented style of animation, humor, and oddly enough, action! The music was also varied and fitting for its respective scenes, and helped to keep the story connected and succinct.

Your characters were legitimately interesting. Tar boy's origin was like something out of an action cartoon, but you took a 'silly' idea like that and took it to another level, even though the base premise was already interesting. Telling the story through the view of the boy and (Grandpa?) added that bit of humor and a peek at the world you have created about the robots. And absolutely love that you are making a second part to this. I could have never guessed a tar pit of robots would become a demonic humanoid *boy* though (why did you go with 'boy' instead of 'man' anyway?)

The action was surprisingly well done. Especially that scene with the glowing special effects in the dark. And I read one review that trashed the animation for being "mostly tweens". Obviously people like this have no idea what they are talking about since most of the animation seemed frame by frame, even if it wasn't redrawn every keyframe. But no. I'm SURE you spent 8 months just being lazy.

Overall, excellent animation, entertaining story, and interesting characters. Looking forward to the next month.

Amusing, But Too Many 4Chan Memes

As a *Pokemon* parody, I enjoyed it. There really is not many of them and there is so much to make fun of. I actually found some parts to be funny. I laughed at Charmander's scream. Some parts I rolled my eyes at.

But what really began to kill me were the memes. While I read why you made Bell-awesome do it because it makes sense, having a meme-based pokemon just bugged me. I love that picture, but when used in a flash movie, I think it should be more discreet. Meme's get their "humor" from being forced and repetitive (which is another reason why I personally did not get much from it), so what might work on a forum may not translate well in animation.

Gary-Or 'Mary''s-voice actor had a noticeably worse microphone quality than the rest, which degrades from the overall quality. Also, feel free to loosen the sound quality a bit, like to 32 or 48 kbps. I am sure we can handle an extra megabyte (unless this was the only way to get it under the default 8mb limit).

The sprite editing as a little distracting. How come you changed the main character's appearance? Out of curiosity? It was not because they looked different, only because the editing was not on par with the original graphic, in terms of quality.

Nice use of MissingNo, even though I was hoping for a more climatic ending, or a play on the idea of how fast they both got to the elite four. But I was amused for the most part, and it's nice to see you plan to pursue original projects. Good luck!

OrangePylon responds:

Wow, thanks for the constructive review. I hadn't realized that there were so many memes when I originally wrote it and probably would have changed it way back to cause less of a fuss. XP

I've written a few more scripts for my new series and there isn't one meme involved (okay, one guy says "at least 100", but that's very subtle).

I changed the main characters because... Whoof, this is complicated. Certain character ideas date waaay back to a bunch of years ago. I had made this really dumb flash about Pokémon when I was young and I drew everything because I knew nothing about Bitmap Tracing or even TWEENS; everything was moved frame by frame. I drew the main character as a hippie in a green shirt and the rival with green hair. Recycling a bit of ideas, I decided to edit the characters to look like they did back then, but I guess my art skills still aren't great. XP My very first flash was a sort of remake of the previous one (but it's still really shitty) and so technically, this is a remake of a remake. Although this follows a completely different story and only recycles like 2 jokes.

Thanks again for the review. :)

EDIT: Charmander's scream is PeeWee Herman. :P

Will Keep Watching

This is the first time I've seen the series and I am very pleased! Nice action, which is stylized so you don't get generic "bam, boof, wiff" action. Appropriate humor, which was actually FUNNY and not forced. The drawings and animation seemed to improve as time goes by.

Really well done preloader. Lot's of techy detail, but I did not associate "techy" with this animation, unless I missed something in previous episodes. Did you draw that in a separate program and just animate it in flash? There was a gigantic jump though in the first scene in terms of quality, from a super nice preloader to a kind of bland scene/animation, but it picked up the quality once he put on the Hyper Suit.

I really respect your method of finding a simple animation style to get action across. Perhaps I am assuming to much, but it looks like you made simple-looking characters so animation would not take as long, but you still want the "cutting edge" feel, so certain close ups have more detail or realistic anatomy. I've trying to figure out a way to create an action cartoon with a style that is faster to animate, so I tip my hat to you.

You get a 5 from me to bump that score higher, and a 9/10 for the above reasons. Now I will watch the previous ones to catch up. Looking forward to the next one!

gene-goldstein responds:

Everything was made in Flash, including the preloader. :)

The style is the same style I used for the old episodes. I just didn't want to change it and confuse my fans. But the simplicity did help a lot.

Thank you!

Worth the Wait! A lot of Talent with Ups and Downs

Short 1 TeamTamango-Wacky, the guys voice kind of bugged me when he laughed, but I liked the way Chun-Li and Zangief were drawn and animated.

Short 2 PigPen-I smile every time Ryu says "hadouken" and "buttmuch". I actually thought it was funny, but for some reason the ending could have been better.

Short 3 keirupted-amusing set up, screaming at the end made me chuckle.

Short 4 egoraptor-I loved this. The drawing/animation style was very pleasing to look at, and taking Ryu's kick and turning it in to that phrase was brilliant. Wish half the reviews would stop repeating it; it loses it's flavor :/

Short 5 gel-Awesome art, I have no idea what Ryu says at the end, so I may be missing something big

Short 6 BoMtoons-Interestig plot that had a lot of potential, but I just did not fidn the climax that funny. Depressing ambience worked though.

Short 7 Osuka-Again, a plot with potential. I really liked Osuka's MGS collab submissions, so I was surprised that this one did not really work for me.

short 8 BobertRob-I just did not find this funny. Silly? Yeah. No cheap humor, but not that funny to me.

Short 9 El Cid- Very pretty and very well animated. I found te beginning and end funny, more so the beginning. The hadoken in the face was silly, but I did not laugh, but I still really liked this one.

Short 10-MiddleFingerRings-Better than his MGS one, I like his art style, but I did not get the joke.

Short 11 TheMexixanMuffinMan-I found this hilarious. Relatively less animation, then some, but the dialog was just hilarious. When Chun Li gets the guy though, I was confused to whether if her co workers were trying to hold her back off screen?

Short 12 Fiergon-Haha I love this one. I wish he did more characters, but I guess better not to overdo it? Seeing each character's favorite music was entertaining. I have a feeling the author likes Ryu's music the best for some reason though, but I loved Dan's music.

Short 13-THE SHIT. But really, I wish I upped the volume for the announcer and drew some Zangief stills better. Haha I couldn't believe they added med-oops!

Short 14 thecultguy- I was disappointing by this one. I thought deadpan, dry humor would have worked so well for his drawing style, but as a dick joke, it was unfitting. I guess points for the unexpected ending.

Short 15 phantom-I feel bad for laughing, but Ryu's fantasy (video?) with Chun-Li was funny to me. I didn't really find Ryu jacking off funny though. Humorous expressions.

Short 16 BiffTheTimid- While the drawings are awesome, I was afraid the joke was going to fall flat. I was awrong. Ryu's expression and the "mama,mama" line (from Saving Private Ryan I believe?) made this one of my favorites.

Short 17 Tygerman-The car gag could have been funny, but the Blanka part was "cute" as they say.

Short 18 Egoraptor-Again, love the way it's drawn, but did not find it funny. Was it parodying "Unforgivable"? Because I didn't feel that funny either

Short 19 RobertBob- Better than the first. Could have been better, but I enjoyed the "YES"

Short 20 killammer- Took me two views to get what Ryu was doing, but I had a neutral feeling on it.

Short 21 Nalem-Enjoyed Egoraptor's voice acting, witty joke, and drawings.

Short 22 TomFulp-This was almost creepy by the wat ir was drawn, but I absolutely love Tom's voice acting. "Whaat" and "Hadoken" and his general mannerisms were hilarious. The animation of the arms just adds to the humor. I don't think much others could have made this funny with the same script.

Short 23 Master-Samus-I did not laugh during this, but it was very fun to watch. Clean humor working?! MY GOD.

Short 24 The Swain- Really liked the art, all the jokes I found funny. Nude Ken felt out of place, but Chun-Li's line was a really nice touch (why did he have her say Hadouken I don't get). I am still awed by The Swain's voice acting abilities.

Short 25 Valerofond-I saw this coming from a mile away, and why I can be fan of random violence, I wish this was executed in a funnier way. Not bad though, because it was animated well.

more in my news update

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