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Fantastic and Attention Grabbing

Usually I do not play games on Newgrounds, just watch the movies, so I don't have to fiddle with controls, mechanics, etc to see the end of something.

But I saw this first on Tom Fulp's BBS post and thought "Huh? A detective game by the Super Flash Bros.? Maybe I should check this out". After playing "Indigo Prophecy"/"Farienheight" for the PS2 (seriously, a great game that could inspire you guys with future games like these. It's for the PC as well) , these mystery games revolving around a murder intrigue me.

Each character had a personality, each (except the janitor imo) had a reason to kill the guy and felt suspicious. The art was *incredible*, I had a hard time believing you made it in flash and not Photoshop. The little addition to mini games was fun too.

Things to improve on? The little girl at the beginning felt like she would have more to do, and was a little creepy. Ashame she kind of disappeared. It would be great to see some more emotion from the criminal at the end. Make him say why he did it instead of a questinair, making the viewer think "I can't believe this scum. He deserves this.". And personally, I would love it if you added more creepiness to it. The creepiest part was when I found the murder weapon. To have the viewer feel cautious to go somewhere/talk to someone because of the unknown would work great in this kind of game.

Overall, great and unique flash game. Extremely detailed backgrounds, interesting characters and plot, and a non tedious and fun way to play the game. Great job and will be looking forward to a slightly scarier sequel.

Damn right I know my sonic facts

a Great quiz for the Sonic fans out there. As for Sonic''s age, though it said 15 in sonic X, sonic X is unofficial. But in the Sonic Heroes manual, they made Sonic's age 15 for some reason. Good bonus prize, I miss the old sonic shows sometimes

This aint actually stolen

The MArine thing and this Super Tutorial 1.0 (Advanced Tutorial) and they were both made by Khiriath14, which i assume is yuo for some reason...but y change accounts? unless this is actually stolen...anyway this is another good way for new peple to start using flash, but I think there is enough of them. Id like to see action script tutorials in the future.

khiriath responds:

Yes, Khiriath14 is me. I found out my password, but I'd rather have this account. I'm gonna email Wade and see if he can just delete that account.

If anybody votes low cuz of the music...

then they aren't open minded. This was a great game even tho i am not a metal head. I didnt even know the bars were in sync with the music, its a lot like the "parappa the rappa" games. 2.74 is a major understatement for this game

Hey you submited it!

You sent me a copy of this b4 and see how i liked it if you remember. and its great, so many styles and they were even drawn good. only if u put a print button on it :-/

how the HELL did you do this

incredible...the first thing that got me was chosing ur own music...how long did this take u? the whole customize thign was crazy too...now only if thier were weapons..

get off newgrounds

and on to nintendo! OMG, that was one of the SIIICKEST game eva played!!! matrix fighting, control bullet time, variety of moves, like Super smash bros melee! u need to quit making flash and go make a million dollar vidoegame! ( i gave u a 5 in humor and sound cuz it was funny seeing them dodge and u had SFX)

The "X" makes it sound cool

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